Meet Miss Autism Kenya: Kiumbiro Kinya

The world marks Autism Day every April 1st. The condition has become a prevalent one in Kenya where estimates show that about 4% of the population is affected. The mental condition, which is a developmental disability, is usually present from childhood. Spreadzone Blog caught up with Kiumbiro Kinya, a university student who holds the title of Miss Autism Kenya.

SB: Which course are you pursuing? 

KK: Catering and hospitality management at Cooperative University in Karen, main campus.

SB: When were you crowned Miss Autism Kenya?

KK: The colourful event took place on May 13th, 2017 at Sportsview Hotel in Kasarani

SB: What motivated you to participate in the pageant?

KK: I know how painful and problematic the condition is. I wanted to be the voice that talks about the little-known condition and give hope to everyone who suffers or is affected by it.

SB: What is your role as Miss Autism Kenya? 

KK: To create awareness about autistic people in Kenya. This will help them be acknowledged as bonafide members of our society and this will encourage them to better persons in their personal capacities. I share the role with Derrick Omondi, Mr Autism Kenya.

SB: Have you worked with any other organization apart from the Autism Society?

KK: Yes I have. I am part of The Ready Aiders Foundation made up of young university students who look to change how the society sees and treat kids with autism

SB: What do you think young people can do to create awareness? 

KK: They should first of all learn about the condition and then share the information with others.

SB: How can one connect with you?

KK:  @Ashley_Kiumbiro on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can also go to or Autism Kenya



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