A Passion For Photography

World Photography Day is celebrated on August 19th. People take part in sharing photos that have impacted them. Spreadzone Blog caught up with Gideon Mburu, a student who is passionate about the art of taking photos.

SB: What course are you undertaking?

GMI am a student at Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology pursuing Human Resource

SB: When did you start photography?

GM: I started immediately after completing high school in 2015 but since I did not have a camera, I used to work with an iPhone and then I’d edit the pictures.

SB: Tell us about your photography

GM: my interest in photography came through three of my friends. They go by the names iHeart Asande, Maina Mikkey and Prince Charles Mwangi.  I work with them and we all form part of the larger Nakuru Creative Society. We showcase the beauty of Nakuru. We also aim to teach the community about visual art. Our photos are not just for aesthetic purposes, they contain messages too.

SB: What do you find most enjoyable about what you do?

GM: I get to meet different people, go out on adventures for shoots and it helps me study day to day life. I have become quite observant about the small aspects of life.

SB: What challenges do you face?

GM: The lighting is one big challenge. Some photos may come off badly because of poor or too much lighting. The other issue is having clients who don’t pay or up or those who don’t pay the full amount.

SB: Who are your mentors?

GM: J Blessing. He is both a photographer and videographer and that really inspires me. I also look up to Ronald Tonui of Kaka Empire.

SB: What project are you currently working on?

GM: We are trying to come up with a concept on how to shoot the African woman.

SB: How can one connect with you?

GM: You can find me and the team of fellow photographers on Instagram as @Zoovie_Zoo, @Swifted_Soul, @Zuluu, @through_my_brothers_eyes

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