Strathmore’s Funniest Man!

Vines are short videos (usually 6-seconds) scripted and performed and then played on a loop on YouTube. In Kenya, youngsters are sharing funny vines that talk about day-to-day life on Instagram. I’m sure you have seen and laughed your heart out at many of them.

We caught up with Brandon Oriri, who goes by the name Sirmawati on Instagram, a very funny entertainer who creates vines and does music cyphers too.

Which course are you pursuing and where do you study? 

I study at Strathmore University, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology.

What are some of your interests?

I have a lot of interest in film and music. I spend my time watching entertainment videos to understand how they are put together. That fires me up every day. I also play and watch soccer with friends as well as travelling and exploring things.

Why did you decide to start creating funny videos?

Well, I’ve always been a clown from an early age so I decided to try doing it professionally to see the reactions. I don’t do them alone, I have friends who help create ideas and we have an upcoming  YouTube channel called Ejay Kenya that you guys should check out. The response on Instagram has been positive and that has kept me going.

How did you come up with the name Sirmawati?

Wow. That’s a long story but for the purpose of this interview, I’ll keep it short. My name is Brandon Lee Oriri, so most people call me B.L.O.O. So I translated it into something more local, samawati which is Swahili for Blue. Since I’m a sir and a star in the making, I decided on Sirmawati.

Tell us about your music and the cyphers you do:

I love music, especially hip-hop music, that’s actually why some of the funny videos are more of musical humour(parodies).
 I’m working on a mixtape right now that I hope to release next year so watch out for that. I’ve been to one cypher session and it was an amazing experience for sure.
Tell us 3 things people don’t know about you:
(Laughs hard). That’s a tricky one.  Well,

1)I have a split personality 2)I am very passionate about ugali nyama and sukuma wiki. 3)My parents have no idea about the funny videos or music, but they’ll find out eventually

If you could work alongside any Kenyan entertainer, who would it be?
Locally it’ll have to be Eric Omondi. His come up is very respectable.  Internationally it’ll have to be Jim Carrey and a Viner called Renny. They’re really creative minds. But my biggest inspiration is Eric Omondi. I think our sense of humour would really gel well, hehee.

Any upcoming projects?

Yes, the team is working on a series of funny videos. My mixtape is also on the way and a short movie I’m working on. Better get ready for that.
What is your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal is to go down in history as one of the most versatile entertainers and to help bring up as many acts as possible. Kenya has a lot of untapped talent.

How can one reach you?

Instagram: @Sir_mawati
YouTube: E Jay Kenya

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