Able Pursuit: Become The Best of Your True Self

Are you moving forward? And in what sense? That was the topic of discussion at the The Nairobi Peer-To-Peer Meetup, organized by Able Pursuit and Everizone. It took place on December 14th at The Bazaar along Moi Avenue.

This was a Kenyan youth summit, where youngsters met to share ideas on how to make money, pursue goals and how to capitalize on talent. Yes, these are the events you go to and you know Kenya has amazing people. Amazing people like you.

Grace, who is a pro at entrepreneurship aka making money was the host of the event. The entry was free which meant access was available to all. The best part is youngsters got to showcase their talents. This included drawings from artists.

The Bazaar’s 5th floor was busy with students and young creatives all eager to get tips on how to make 2018 their year. 2018 is almost here people! This is the time to make a plan.

Able Pursuit is an international organization that seeks to nurture people’s talents and grow their business. They do this by coordinating a network of communities and develop creative solutions that provide access to data. 

The power behind this meet up is that Able Pursuit partnered with Everizone.  This is another organization that helps organizations and individuals match their abilities with the right job. Do you know the knowledge these youngsters got? Seize these opportunities as early as now.  Their summit in Kenya is a step in the right direction.

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Well, the Able Pursuit Peer-To-Peer event ended on a very high note at around 6 pm with a few bites and exchange of contacts for networking purposes. 


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