Yahya Gondosio: A New Age Poet

What’s bad for your heart is good for your art. This rings true to the many artists, poets and even lovers.

I had a chat with an amazing poet; Yahya Gondosio. His work on Instagram had me hooked. You’d wonder what kind of work right? He shares poems accompanied by very out-of-the-box images. That is the kind of thing that stops you in your tracks and transports you to wonderland. Yahya also happens to be an accomplished writer, digital strategist and model. Wow, it keeps getting better and better for this millennial.

This is what we talked about, followed by a visual board of his work and oh yes, poetry.

If you had to walk around with a sticker on your head that says who you are, what would it read? ‘Non-conformist’! I think that would be the word. Conventions choke me.  In short normal soaks my heart, it makes me heavy with sadness and rebellion.

 What do you like about art?

Art is the mother of all consciousness. It gives me an immense ability to be deeply expressive. Art is a language on its own. A language not so many can understand in its depths.

 Complete the sentence: every young person needs to know that_________________________________

You should never strive to live for societal standards, set your own. Create your own path.



 Your IG photos always speak a message. What inspires you to do that?

I get inspiration from my daily interactions. There’s so much happening around us that goes unnoticed. I put in a lot of time and effort to come up with pictures and captions, it’s a worthy investment!


 3 Things most people don’t know about you?

I have a huge affinity for kids. I play a lot with them whenever around them. Did I mention I have a daughter? (wink wink)

 Your ultimate goal in life?

My ultimate goal in life is to use art to transform humanity. There’s a huge disconnect in the human race and I know art is the frontier of hope in our quest for a better world.


Florencia and the Sea By Yahya Gondosio

Scarred souls, lonely hearts

They are mocking me, the birds of Hosea

I can feel the tone in their chirping

They must have already told Valencia

You broke up with me by the sea


Vanishing skies, raging seas

It must have been our last kiss

You are the devil that I shouldn’t miss

Such an enticing witch you were Florencia

I’m still bound by your spell at the sea


Dirges, Snakes

Do not perform a dirge at my graveyard

But send Hosea a love card

You and him can rule the jungles as snakes

I’m about to be consumed by the sea Florencia


Grief, tragedies

What is the greater tragedy in life

If not a heartbreak by you

I am grieving by the sea

How I can keep my head up afterwards is unknown


Favorite spots, memories

I’m here draining with desperation

My boyhood memories shouldn’t be this sad

Perhaps you should never have said goodbye

The raging sea is coming for me


The air around is painted grey

The hissing wind is calling out my name

My bones are damp, I can’t write anymore

Goodbye Florencia, now I have to go

Let this memories drown with the seas

You can follow him on Instagram at Yahya Gondosio

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