The White Walkers of Fashion-Inspired by Game of Thrones

By Steve Obudo 


It has been proven time and again, that a man’s shoe is a reflection of the type of person he is. Finding the right shoe and not just a fad seems to trouble the male species.

It is really frustrating to buy a pair of shoes only to have to shelf it a couple of months later because it is no longer trendy. I fell victim to this mistake a couple of times before I realized a little trick; a list of shoes I like to call the white walker list (Game of Thrones fans, unite) simply because of these shoes’ apparent immortality in the fashion world. These shoe models have been tried and tested by the test of time, decade after decade and fashion era after fashion era but have always come out on top and are still considered fashionable, therefore, are the safest bet for guys looking to upgrade or maintain a certain status in terms of their shoe game.

  • Nike Air Force 1

Launched in 1982 by Nike as a basketball shoe, everything about this shoe dispelled revolution, right from its design. Known mostly for its traditionally plain white colour, this shoe has been worn for decades now right after its mass production in 1986. In the 90s, the Nike air force grew by leaps as its fame knew no bounds. Its reasonable pricing meant it found its way on the streets globally. The Nike air force is still currently one of the most popular sneakers and can be paired with just about any casual trouser from jeans, sweatpants, khaki pants or even shorts. This pair of shoes are comfortable, simple and have the right aesthetic quality; a perfect blend that is rare to find in the modern sneaker.


Was originally built in 1973 for hard-working New Englanders, so creating a new sensation was definitely not in Sidney Swartz’s mind (the designer). But the shoe was apparently predestined for greatness as its allure enabled it spread globally. By the 1980s, the company had expanded its factories to cater for their global audiences spreading from Europe to the rest of the world. This brand however properly took off in the US and consequently the whole world, when the Wu-Tang Clan, a hip-hop group wore them in their music video, giving the shoes all-important ‘street cred’.

Fun fact; JODECI member(early 90s R&B crooners know who I am talking about) De Vante Swing actually admitted to giving popular producer, TIMBALAND his stage name due to his love for the brand.

Interest in the brand continues to do everything except falter as it is still a footwear of choice among contemporary artists such as Rihanna, Jay z and Kanye West. “I like the classic yellow boot as it is just that, a simple no-frills boot,” says Allan, fashion connoisseur. All in all the Timberland boot is an extremely masculine and versatile shoe. It can be worn by 90s kids, the millennial and generally anyone in need of a simple basic strong shoe. This being so, the timberland has found its way back on to the catwalk in various customized incarnations. This shows it works on so many levels for everyone.


My mother always intentionally tries to irk me by calling my CHUCK TAYLORS’ and VANS, ‘rubber shoes’; it always works. It is, of course, a rubber shoe, but the notion among the millennial is that rubber shoes are granny shoes as it apparently is a thing among Kenyan grandmothers especially those in upcountry, now who would want to be caught wearing granny shoes. If these two pairs of shoes were humans they would definitely be legit OLD with the converse being originally being produced in 1917 and the vans being originally produced in 1966. The converse shoe has largely remained relevant since its introduction to the market. Largely known for its stitched upper portion and a toe cap made of white rubber, the converse shoe has been made of different materials such as leather but it was originally made of cotton canvas which provided for flexibility and prevents blisters. For obvious reasons, this shoe is on the list, it has remained a fashion staple for all types of people selling over 800,000,000 pairs in the process. Wiz Khalifa the “the Taylor gang” frontman clearly coined the groups’ name for his love of the Chuck Taylor series and has constantly been spotted wearing them.

  • VANS

Vans have to be the most popular shoe on this list as far as this day and era are concerned. Most shoes are instantly forgettable though there are exceptions like clean, pristine Stan Smith’s. Likewise, vans’ thick soles are, somewhat improbably more relevant now that at any other point in the company’s half century of existence. A period of existence that has been marred by constant ups and downs right before VF cooperation (which also happens to own the Timberland shoe company) came into play, buying it for 370 million dollars. In the last few years, the vans “old schools “ have found their way in shoe closets globally, both male and female.

These vans made their debut in 1977 as the skater brand’s low top design featuring the now iconic “jazz stripe”. Forty years later and nothing much has changed as they have found a place in fashion through collaborations with names such as Marc Jacobs and have been worn by almost every fashionable public figure you can think about.


Article was written by Spreadzone Contributor Steve Obudo

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