Maxine Wabosha: Redefining Beauty

Never underestimate the power of an eyebrow. Yes, it’s not your everyday quote but for makeup artists, it means the world.

Maxine Wabosha is a Kenyan makeup and beauty artist who is carving a niche as an “eyebrow” expert. From getting spotted by brands, to working with amazing personalities, Maxine keeps on shining. Her services and YouTube channel, which all go by the name ‘Beauty by Wabosha’, have resonated with a lot of Kenyan youngsters and all who love the art of transformation. We are proud of her work in the short time she’s been doing her thing.

Here is the quick chat with the artist. Lessons galore!

Which course are you pursuing and where do you study?

I’m  a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Nairobi.

What excites you most about makeup?

 The fact that it can really transform someone into something completely different as seen in special effects makeup. Also, the way it can just immediately boost someone’s confidence.

How did it all start and do you think you have grown over time?

It all started late 2016 when my friend asked me to make a video to show her how to do her eyebrows and people just continued to subscribe so I continued to make content. I have definitely grown, from my confidence in camera to even the quality of content I produce.

 YouTube is a very competitive space, what are some of the things you do to stay ahead?

  I stay genuine to my self and my subscribers.  I find that the genuineness always draws in I’m more subscribers.

Which makeup artist do you look up to and how have they shaped your work so far?

 Kangai Mwiti for sure! She is a makeup artist and a vlogger as well and she has definitely proven to me and many others that Kenyan YouTubers can grow their channel and get that 100000 YouTube plaque.

What challenges do you face and what reassures you in such times? 

 My mantra is hard work and good intentions. I really do believe that hard work can never go unrewarded as long as there are good intentions behind that work.

What would you be doing if you weren’t into makeup and beauty?

 Probably still acting and singing. So I would say somewhere in the world of theatre.

As a millennial, how do you define beauty?

“Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself. Both on the inside and out”

One quirky detail no one knows about you?

I’ll let you know once I think of one.

 Whose face would you love to work on someday? 

Lupita. I love how makeup looks on melanin.

 Your ultimate goal in life is?


 Here is one of her most popular vlog. Have a look.  



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