3 Social Media Updates You Should Know About

Hey, I might not know you personally but we share similarities. We spend almost the whole day online. Yes, let’s not play ourselves. I’ve read a report that says 18-36 year-olds spend close to 17.8 hours a day online. Social media consumption keeps on growing with the availability of Smartphones and faster, yet affordable, internet.

I have a list of things of thing you should know about the social media platforms you spend almost all your time on. Have a quick read.

We hate the new Snapchat update


The problem with the new Snapchat update is that you can find yourself unwittingly responding to people’s stories. They have separated the media content from that of friends which means that you have to kinda get into the chat area in order to view stories. This might find you responding to people’s stories without wanting to. If you have not updated your Snapchat, don’t. Unless of course the free Wi-Fi alert buzzes too much.

Instagram is coming  for the stalkers 

Stalkers are not lucky because Instagram is testing out a new feature that alerts people once a screenshot is taken. So if you find amazing photos from someone’s timeline and you screenshot them, they will receive a notification. In some way, it’ll help some people know who their admirers are. What do you think?

Facebook’s wishlist is here

Photo courtesy: Tech Crunch

If you’re struggling with keeping up with your to-do lists, Facebook is here for you. They are rolling out a new system today that allows you to write down a list of things you ought to do. E.g if you plan on 1) visiting the barber 2) getting bae chocolates) and 4) updating your CV, Facebook allows you to save all those things and then pops up as reminders. Now that’s one way of making good use of social media.


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