Going For A Music Fest? Here’s What To Eat

Kenya’s Safaricom International Jazz Festival had it’s biggest day on Sunday, February 25th, 2018. The attendance was in the thousands at the Kasarani stadium. Previously, we had the Africa Nouveau Festival which hosted South African hip-hop star Kwesta. As the year progresses, more festivals will come up. How do you stay ready?

Food is always an important aspect to factor in.  Here are foods you should consider having at the festival or before you get there.

Burritos, Shawarmas

These are tasty foods. On top of that, they give you the energy you need to dance the weekend away.  They are rich in carbohydrates that you need to keep your energy up.

Chicken Shawarma

Eggs, Bacon for breakfast 

Stock up before attending these festivals. You won’t have to spend money at the food court immediately after arriving. Save that money for later in the day or the following day.



You can have spicy snacks such as crisps but go for popcorn which is much healthier. You can also have chocolate bars and candy. If you need to make a quick friend, offer them something to munch. Oh yes, considering you might indulge in several toxic stuff such as booze, spare yourself the munchies.

Carry crisps

This is coming from someone who has attended several festivals so trust my words. The usual tips not to forget are things like always staying hydrated considering you will probably be exposed to so much heat. Speaking of which, the Safaricom Jazz Festival felt more like the “dessert festival” if the temperatures were anything to go by. It was a fun event nonetheless.



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