Trevor Noah’s Funniest Moments Compiled! For Those Who Love Laughter

I have to say this before I proceed, I love Trevor Noah. His work is amazing and even with conversations with friends, we will always compare local comedians with Trevor. At least we have an African representing us out there and shows that our people can set the standards too. Did I just hear an amen!?

I got the chance to read his book and he made sure it was just as humorous. Excitement filled me when I also read that our very own Lupita Nyong’o will be starring in the movie based on that book. I know it’s old news but seriously people, the doors of international fame are open for us to enter.

Moving on swiftly, the South African comedian who is the lead host on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, has made us laugh even more. You need to watch the newly released compilation of his funniest moments.

He pokes fun at President Donald Trump and even Kenya’s very own Ezekiel Mutua. Lol. Here is a midweek treat for you. Oh, his contract for the show has also been extended to 2022 because he’s doing a pretty good job.


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