Meet Gladys: Kenyan Singer Turning Her Gift To A Paycheck

If you’re not ashamed of what you’re doing, and the life you’re living, live it boldly and defend it- Gladys

Thanks to the Internet and Smartphones, I had an e-meeting with Gladys. The kind where you talk behind a screen and use emojis. Despite our very modern meeting, I had an amazing chat with the fast-rising singer whom I could easily tell loves what she does. When people have a passion for what they do, they also make you fall in love with their work and all you want is to see them soar. When she pointed out that young people should remember that their gifts are their paychecks, it really got me thinking.

She focuses on Gospel music and she’s working on unlocking her greatly untapped potential by working with Kassanga School of Music. As I write this, I am counting down days to when we will see her rise like the previous stars I’ve had a chat with. Music means a lot of things to different people and to Gladys, it’s a whole world that brings her peace and joy.

Who does she look up to? You will have to read through to find out that.

When did the ‘beat’ for music start beating in you? 

As a young child, I loved singing. We used to live near a tea factory and it was noisy most of the time, but the moment it went silent, I would get a stick and a kasuku and my small sister for back up and we would sing loudly. My mom would tell us to stop making noise, but to me, it was anything but noise. I loved doing it because it made me feel free. I could listen to songs and sing along and even ad lib without really knowing what the lyrics were saying (laughs). All I knew was that music was refreshing and could really calm down my nerves whenever I felt anxious about anything, and I was happy when I did it.

Who are your heroes? 

My parents inspire me. Those two have given up the world to bring my siblings and me up in the right way and have provided for all our needs. Musically, Sarah Kiarie inspires me. I mean that woman has been singing for a while and has never gone out of the industry like most musicians we’ve seen come and go. I love the fact that she has stuck to the Gospel line. Her voice still so strong, rich and beautiful to the ears. Her songs just get me worshipping and praying.

I should also add my director at Kassanga Music school, Mr. McRogers Nyadeo. He has helped to open up my musical journey. He inspires me to do more with my gift. To just let go and let the music flow….’Owning the song’ kind of thing. At first, I was afraid because I thought I would distort someone else’s song but, I’m more confident and I’ve learnt to own a song and feel it as I should. Thanks to him.

What do you want your music to achieve? 

I hope to reach out to young people and through me, they may see that they can do all things through Christ who strengthens us… To realize that their gifts are their paychecks. To even help others raise into being who God purposed them to be. Did I mention that I always stood behind the scenes? Feeling unworthy, I was simply afraid of being out there being seen or heard. I could not even speak in front of an audience, no matter how small it was. But I have grown to who I am now and anybody can. Nobody should look down on you or despise your youth. It’s your time to shine. Now I can say that with a lot of confidence because I know who I am.

What should we expect from you in a few years? 
I desire to produce my own music as I work with other artists as I learn how things are done. You need to learn first and not just go out there blindly. I also belong to this worship ministry called Incense and I believe once doors have opened and they have, we could reach out more to people and even go international by the grace of God.

If you’re not ashamed of what you’re doing, and the life you’re living, live it boldly and defend it. This has inspired me.

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  1. Sincerely its amazing dea.I believe in you and trust me you going far..this is just the beginning .God will do this for you.cograts Darling

  2. Aaaaaaaw! This is really wonderful girl from *kasuku na stick * to this far its by the grace of God …proud of you dearie as u remain my inspiration in this industry

  3. wow…nice article.This is just soo nice..
    She really got talent and with such positivity n determination she’ll go places…

  4. Wow! Thank you dear ones. I am truly honored. I believe God shall bring unto completion, the work He started in me. Amen to all the prayers. Be blessed.

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