What Do Celebrities Mean By These Words?

Sometimes we find ourselves following celebrities on social media simply because of the image they exude. I don’t normally follow celebrities but Huddah Monroe had me hooked with the life she is living.

Here are 4 empowering words I’ve heard celebrities using over and over again. They might say it differently, but it means the same thing and I am here for that.

“I am the best in the business” 

This is one line I’ve heard South African media personality Bonang Matheba use severally. In Kenya, King Kaka is our very own self-proclaimed King because he knows what he can deliver. You have definitely also heard other stars saying, “know your worth, then add tax.” For me, this simply means that’s its important to know your value. What are you offering? Are you good at what you do? This will give you more confidence to go out there and give it your all.

Eastlando Royalty. Fala Mjanja.

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“Surround yourself with people who want to see you thrive” 

In an interview sometime back, actress and TV personality Brenda Wairimu talked about her relationship with Juliani and said that it’s important to be in one where the two of you help each other grow. This extends beyond intimate relationships. We all know Sauti Sol have grown because of a team that includes a top publicist and hotshot manager. If your family is your greatest support team, keep them close. As your career grows, keep the right people by your side. But seriously, did you ever think you needed a talent manager? Hmm…

 “Negativity gets you blocked” 

Stay positive. You will survive and it will turn out fine. This is one hard truth to swallow especially when things get tough. Julie Gichuru has blessed us on so many occasions with positive posts.

“Dream, visualize, become…” 

Do you feel motivated? I do. You really don’t need Rihanna to remind you that you have to do all you can to achieve your dreams and find happiness.


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