Which Was Your Best Avicii Song?

When I got the newsfeed notification on my phone that Avicii had died my heart sunk? That is the last thing I expected to read. By the time I was getting back to my soft addiction (social media), messages were all over and the #RIPAvicii was trending.

I think the most shocking thing about his death is his age. 28 is just so close to our ages (for the millennials) and this has us worried and scared. No one has fully recovered from this and for his fans it’s even worse.

The Swedish musician, DJ and a record producer whose real name is Tim Bergling had been suffering from acute pancreatitis which was sadly due to excessive alcohol use.

I talked to a few of his Kenyan fans on which of his songs have stuck with them and these are the responses I got:

“Wake me up” is the song I remember him with him- Oscar


For me it also has to be “Wake me up” – Teddy


“Wake me up” does it for me. He’s gone too soon. – Josephine

Every song of his was amazing. I’m an EDM fan so it’s hard to chose. “Wake me up” – Brian Peter


For me it’s” Hey Brother” from the Coca Cola advert- Douglas

“Wake me up” that song was just something else- GBoy


28 is just so young for him to die. “Waiting for love” does it for me -Yvonne

“Trouble”. I can’t count how many times I’ve listened to that song- Melissa

Wake Me Up truly resonated with us youngsters. We are just trying to find ourselves but it’s never that easy is it? May his soul find peace ✌.

Drop your best Avicii song in the comment section.


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