Spice Up Your Natural Hair with Colour

“Hair is a lady’s crown of beauty” 

A woman’s hair is her crown; many Kenyan women have taken up this saying and crowned themselves differently. Women have ditched hair extensions, relaxers, textures etc. for the natural hair. Natural hair is different and also not so easy to manage. The main essence of extensions and relaxers was to help women to manage their hair easily. However, others are of the notion that Kenyan and African women, in general, were mimicking the western women as they hair is soft and straight which is not the case back at home.

Some women have taken the natural hair to another level, ‘the level of colour’. Having coloured hair as a black woman takes a lot of confidence. This is because, as she walks into a room, it is more definite that not her hair is spotted first. From blonde, ginger, here are top celebrities in Kenya who have rocked colour to the fullest.

Talia Oyando

She is bold and beautiful. She makes blonde hair look and feel beautiful. Talia Oyando is a radio and TV personality. You must have recently seen her on the Top and Win game show by Telkom. She rocked the side Mohawk crochet style which brought out her confidence and personality.

Neomi Nganga

The queen and owner of Style by Neomi and Team Curvy- a movement places emphasis on the helping the plus size women feel better and appreciate their curves. She has rocked coloured hair from ginger to blonde.

Olive Karmen

When music hits you, you feel no pain. She is most sort after female drummer and you must have spotted her on the blaze campaigns and road activations.  Her hair colour is so unique and very attractive to the eye. Her platinum tanned hair is not only her crown but her signature too.

These have it going with all the various colours, you too my lady can rock your Crown in a gorgeous colour of your choice.

*Images courtesy of Instagram*


*This article was written by Spreadzone Blog Contributor Caroline Mulu*

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