Dennis Karuri : It’s Time To Wake Up and ‘Make Up’

If there’s a time to be anything you want to be, 2018 is the year for you. Dennis Karuri is a self-taught make-up artist who’s earning money through it. It’s amazing how the power of a YouTube makeup tutorial can lead you to work with established publications such as True Love magazine. This, Dennis has achieved.

He has worked on faces such as Brenda Wairimu‘s and Citizen TV’s Kambua. These are the youth who are creating an opportunity for themselves by learning new skills. That’s the beauty of passion and interest. It does take you far.

I had a quick chat with the guy who goes by the brand ‘MakeUp by Dennis’ to find out his thoughts on the Black Panther makeup, his goal in life and what he has as his current screensaver.

Who is Dennis Karuri?

Dennis Karuri is a creative artist who is enthusiastic about makeup and creating.

Did you like the make-up in the Black Panther movie?


Well, yes I loved the makeup done for Black Panther was good, but there’s always room for

What do you like most about make-up?


What I love most about makeup is that with makeup there are no limits. Literally.

Where did you learn your skills?


I learnt makeup through watching tutorials and constant practice.

What is the one product you can’t work without?

The product I can’t work without is mascara.

Do you make enough as a make-up artist or are you planning on pursuing a different career to supplement your income?

Yes, I earn enough through makeup and if I have enough to invest in other businesses then why not.

What has been your biggest challenge in the beauty industry?

My biggest challenge, especially as a male makeup artist, is that I can’t comfortably use my face as a canvas for my art.

Which has been the biggest highlight of your career?

Being given lead makeup artist roles in runway shows and media houses.

What is your ultimate goal as an artist?

To inspire and raise great creative artists in the vast art field.

Who or what do you have currently as your mobile phone screensaver?

A cool animated lock screen with an astronaut and a bee.


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