Wanna Look Like A True Wakandan?

We can never stop talking about the Black Panther movie. For the Marvel fans, cannot get enough of them. In regards to this movie, take time and look or recall the actors and actresses. Are they not body goals? For me, this was not like watching just any other superhero movie, I was inspired and I remembered those new years’ resolutions; live a fit life. After January, most of those resolutions went to the trash can without my realization. Living a life is not as easy as ABC, more so being consistent and strong. One of the characters in the movie that re-ignited my motivation was Chadwick Boseman. Would you love to be a discipled, strong and staunch individual as the King of Wakanda? (psst, yes, we know you would).

  1. Eat like a King

As King, you probably have access to all the food that you want. However, wisdom is key. Boseman switched from a heavy-meat diet to a heavy-leafy diet alongside healthy fats, vegetables and fruits. The diet enabled him to fit into the agile character of Black Panther and also to fit into his latex costume.  Therefore, choose the healthy eating lifestyle by increasing vegetable and fruit intake.


             2. Train like a King

Boseman took to his Instagram in which he indicated his positive attitude towards physical training. Boseman’s agile character involved working out 3 to 5 days a week. He also took to Instagram to share his training videos such as his yoga sessions and Capoeira sparring sessions. As you look into physical exercises consider incorporating a variety of exercises to build your strength and tone your body.

              3. Be confident as a King

In addition to being physically fit and lean, body confidence is another trait to be admired. The Black Panther walked in style and changed the ambience everywhere he went, in Wakanda. Walk with your head held high as though you own the place just like a king.

              4. Dress like a king

A combination of a well-toned, fed and high body confidence deserves a great and neat dressing which will create an outstanding first impression and lasting one for that fact. This does not imply that you need all the glam and Vibranium like the Black Panther. However, with your current wardrobe, aim at a simple and neat look. Just like Boseman, rock your usual pants, shirt and blazer and you will have an elegant and classy look that will win you great deals such as new job, new project or even your future lifelong partner.

Embrace the inner you and be the King inside and outside of you.


*This article was written by Spreadzone Blog contributor Caroline Mulu*

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