DJ Kalonje: The New Street Anthem Mix Tape You Should Listen To

If you use public means in Kenya, you have most likely heard of DJ Kalonje. His music mixes are always a fusion of popular songs with different genres. Sometimes when I board a matatu and there is no music, I wonder what DJ Kalonje would think of that.

DJ Kalonje always releases a new mix after a few months (honestly, I don’t know the time gap). By the way, this is how I normally know that my playlist does not suck; if half of the songs in the mix are in my playlist, I can die knowing I was in the loop (My FOMO is real!!).  What about you? How do you know if your playlist is up to date?

You can listen to the mix on SoundCloud or YouTube. Which mixtapes do you normally lookout for every year?

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