The ‘Perfect Shot’: 4 Kenyan Photographers Shared A Few Insights With Us

You can now make a career out of photography and live on it. The likes of Kev Buo of Buoart set the bar high by reaching out to celebrity clients and delivering high-quality work.

I spoke to a few rising photographers on Instagram and asked what the ‘perfect shot’ means to them and how they achieve their quality of work.

  1. Teddy Muraya

Teddy is a lifestyle and events photographer who has featured the likes of Rick Ross, fashion designers and has worked on photo essays for luxury hotels such as Four Points by Sheraton.

“As a creative one of the skills that you need to have is being able to visualize how the final product will look like even before you begin the shoot. For me to get the perfect shot, I have to have a photo of what the final image will look like when I edit in terms of lighting, tones, framing and all that. With that, I’m able to fix the mistakes and make the shot perfect or near perfect.” 

  1. Shem Obara

The sought-after photographer focuses mostly on portraits and with that, he has managed to snap the likes of Muthoni Drummer Queen (MDQ), Yemi Alade and Antoneosoul to name just a few.

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 “I feel like the perfect shot is the one that looks exactly like what you had in your mind. When it’s composed and framed like your imagination, then it’s perfect.”

  1. Jeddy

He is a leading photographer with a focus on full body shots inspired by muses around him and the expression of the human emotion.

“The perfect shot is in your mind. Visualise what you want to achieve before the click of a shutter.” 

  1. Lines Photography Kenya

He and his team under the Lines Photography account have photographed high-ranking personalities such as Chief Justice Maraga and Nameless and their style is mostly art inspired. Some of their projects are really out of the box with one that included placing coins and matchsticks on the skin of models. They also offer classes on photography and editing on weekends in Nairobi.

“A perfect shot is one that is well composed, exposed, focused and communicates something to the viewer. I make sure I get that by giving the best at each stage of making the photo, right from conception, preparations, the shooting process through to the post-production. I evaluate my shots in all these aspects and select the one that meets most of it if not all. I’m the kind to shoot 100 photos or more just to get a perfect set of 3.”  


*The article was initially published on Capital Campus.

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