MDQ’s Creativity In Her New Song ‘No More’ Is To Be Admired (VIDEO)

Kenya’s Muthoni Drummer Queen aka MDQ has done it again. She has released the video of her new song ‘No more’ and it’s all shades of vintage and glamour. The music video sees MDQ dressed in vintage clothes and the theme around the video is also old school as seen by the phone she’s using. Her creativity and talent at this point cannot be assumed.

‘No more’ is her latest song from her much talked about album SHE. The visually stunning video is directed by Ludovic Damiano and is produced by Swiss-based rapper and her longtime friend, Hook Michigan. The video was shot in Switzerland where she has been getting a lot of support from.

What I liked about the video is its sophistication, its attention to detail and the crispiness of it all. The song is unlike ‘Suzie Noma‘ but it still has that upbeat punch to it and the energy we know her for.

Kenyan artists are producing better quality of music and videos which is a great step if we are to become the next powerhouse of music in Africa. Hmm, we should aim to conquer the world and not just Africa, right?

Anyway, let me leave you to watch the video for yourself and be the judge. Oh, it’s time to ‘get that good for nothing boo out of your life’ according to MDQ.

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