Dream Chasers: I Asked Young Kenyan Millennials What Success Means…

I hate football but I like and admire Lionel Messi’s achievement… and also because he’s the G.O.A.T. Do you at times wish the money would come without the work? Kenyan youth constitute about 43% which means we are quite a number but are we getting the right jobs to create a future for ourselves? Opportunities also seem to be limited. But, the big question is, what, to you, does success mean?

When I was in primary school, success meant completing my education, going to campus, getting a ‘well-paying’ job etc. As I grow older, I have realized things are not as I expected them to be so I changed my definition of success into something more nuanced and realistic. Yea, I still want the good house and cars but I want something more.

To me, success means accomplishing what you’ve set to do that day. Simple. On the real, I want to be the next big media personality Kenya has had so Larry Madowo better watch out.  To Rihanna, success means sleeping 3-4 hours a night! I know, who does that?

I asked a couple of youngsters what success means to them and where they are in their journey of success.

Success to me is freedom. The point where you don’t have to worry about money so you are free to pursue things just for passion. Where I am in that journey…well, I’m at the stage where I’m doing things I don’t necessarily want to. I do these things to make money and build my portfolio/experience etc while waiting for THAT opportunity. One day I’ll have the ability to demand for more but for now, I’m taking the demands.



“Success means my dreams becoming a reality. I don’t wanna jinx it but for me, it’s pretty damn close. A toast to the dreamers.”



“Success is achieving dreams and I’m a dreamer so I guess I’ll always be chasing success. Where am I in my journey currently? I’d say very low but I’ve evolved, I’m in not the same place I used to be. So I guess in due time I will achieve what I will have wanted at some point. Like I said, forever chasing success.”



“Success to me is about doing something positive for the society as opposed to just getting financial benefits. As a teen, I’m still discovering. I am identifying my strengths and learning to beat my weaknesses while taking life positively as I struggle through day to day challenges.”



We outchea

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“Achieving my career goals and building a comfortable life for my current and future family. I believe I’m on my way there.”



“I believe it’s about realizing your full potential and getting schmooooney from it as a bonus. I’m still learning what my purpose is in this life.”



“Success to me is living a happy and fulfilling life doing what you love while sharing love to others while doing it. The journey is slow but I’m grateful  for every moment and experience.”



“Success is becoming what everyone told me I couldn’t and using it to make my life better. I’m starting a YouTube channel soon and I plan to start a dance school. I’m still cooking up choreographies.”



“It’s all about fighting to fulfil your ambitions and live your dreams. When the time comes, you have to grab the opportunity.”



To the dreamers, just like the few individuals who shared this with me, may we get where we aim to reach.


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