Vera Sidika: Love Her or Hate Her, She Still Does Her Thing

Vera Sidika aka the boss lady loves beauty and all things to do with beauty. She has had numerous beauty ‘treatments’ done on her; from booty and boobs enhancements, skin lightening to artistic tattoos. She also ventured into the beauty industry as an entrepreneur dealing in human hair weave production and selling, Veetox herbal detox prudcts sale and recently, she opened an exquisite beauty parlor.

Queen Vee is stopping at nothing. Morever, just a few days after opening the Vera Sidika Beauty Parlor, she landed a new job. The boss lady posted the good news on her Snapchat but she was quiet about the details. Queen Vee pursued interior design course at Kenyatta University in 2009-2013.


Her entrepreneurship journey is a true reflection of the things she holds dear to her heart; beauty and interior design.

Verdict: Pave your way and walk with your head held high.


*This article was written by Spreazone Blog contributor Caroline Mulu*

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