World Emoji Day 2018: Here is Why We Celebrate it

Is World Emoji Day really a thing?

Oh my, I just love how technology makes life easier. Long are the days when we used words to express ourselves on texts. It’s even better with the new set of emojis. Over time, they have grown in numbers and also in variety- you know the red head and bald options. Emojis have made texting easier, better and more personalized.
Today is world emoji and I bet we are all celebrating; whether it is a happy face, or a shrug.

How did it all start?

Emojis first begun in Japan. They were invented by Japanese coder Shigetaka Kurita as indicated by New York’s Museum of modern art.

2010 onward, the emoji characters were incorporated to Unicode which standardized them to be used outside Japan.

In 2014, the first world emoji begun when calendar app on Apple devices showed July 17 as the official world emoji day. Since then, the celebrations have been happening each year.

In 2017, over 2,66 emojis were officially on the Unicode standard list. emojis list included a variety to different the races and cultures in the world.

Happy World Emoji Day 2018!

This article was written by Spreadzone Blog contributor, Caroline Mulu. 



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