Can You Adapt to The Cold?

The cold weather has been around for too long and I keep asking myself, can I adapt to the cold? The body reacts to cooler temperatures by either seeking warmer conditions, shivering, faster breathing, cold or flu. There are certain foods to eat in cold temperatures that provide you with a greater benefit than others.


Keeping the body hydrated is not only a thing for the hot and warm weather. The thought of hydrating with a cold glass of water is even unheard of. Instead a cup of warm tea will do.

Hot foods
Eating or drinking something hot will increase warmth. In addition to eating hot food, cooking in the house is more beneficial as the heat from your cooker tends to also heat the kitchen. The house becomes warmer and cozier. When cooking your food, you can also opt to spice up your food with some chili.

During the cold season most people crave for carbohydrate-rich foods. While in this craving state some people feel a whole better after eating carbs. Instead of being on the run for cakes you can opt for whole grain bread and oats as a healthier option.

Healthy fats
There are fat options which are healthy for the body. Healthy fat intake in the body acts an insulator against the cold. Some healthy fast to consider to include in your diet are; almond nuts, peanuts, avocados, tuna and fish.

This article was written by Spreadzone Blog contributor, Caroline Mulu.

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