4 Influencers Share Tips on Earning via Social Media

I didn’t believe in social media marketing until, I did. I was scrolling on Instagram one day (mindlessly, of course) when I saw Joy Kendi’s face on an Insta-story campaign. Do you know I clicked to find out what she was all about?

I work as a freelance writer focusing on trending topics so you can imagine my obsession with Twitter trends. Anyone can easily detect a sponsored hashtag (I don’t like them) and we find ourselves following up to know what they’re all about.

I spoke to 4 influencers whose work i’ve been following (no, I don’t stalk) and asked them how to go about building a sizeable social media following as well as what works for clients.

Who knows, influencer marketing might be the career you are yet to explore.

1. Sylvia Monayo aka Binti Pretty
With over 100k followers on Instagram, she has worked with brands ranging from beauty, events and recently a new Kenyan watch company. She says, “Personally, I started to learn where the likes go to. If it’s videos, it means most of your followers are silently asking for such. If it’s selfies, do more of those. Another thing is consistency. Make a social media schedule so that your followers keep up with you and they’ll be hooked.”

2. Lawrence Sawanda
He’s a teen influencer with over 30k followers. He has worked with marketing firms targeted at teens, has worked for beverage companies such as Fanta and recently a tours and travel campaign. He says, “Know your target audience and don’t compromise on the brand you want to build. You’ll be paid your worth so don’t take on projects that’ll make you appear immature because you will never be taken seriously.”

3. Adam Maina
He has a huge following on both Instagram (over 20k) and Twitter (over 80k). He uses his platforms as a digital creative and influencer. He has worked with many of Kenya’s corporates and personalities. He focuses mostly on travel, technology, music and lifestyle. He is currently a Jumia Kenya Ambassador. He says, “First of all don’t fake an online persona, be you, you’ll go a long way by interacting with things you’re most passionate about. Two, understand your audience, what they want to interact with, then feed them that content. Third and most important, be patient, for you to achieve growth it will take time. Just trust the process.”

4. Janet Machuka
She has built a brand that has come to be known for its content. Having been able to grow her social media presence through influencer marketing services she offers to companies, digital marketing consultancy and her journalistic skills she founded a platform, #AfricaTweetChat, to amalgamate enthusiastic brands from different countries in Africa. She believes that through knowledge, then we can easily expand the marketing possibilities across Africa through the use of social media platforms.

Janet who has a Twitter and Instagram following of 65k and 22k respectively believes that young people can grow Influential brands on social media platforms that educate and act as ambassadors to start-ups and other brands seeking digital marketing services. Additionally, she believes in online as a great workplace if used well. She has worked with major companies as well as spoken at a conferences in Nigeria among other events. She says, “If you have a social media account and you don’t engage, you’re probably a spectator. Brands look out to employ people who have a good engagement rate to represent their brands and services.”

Here’s a vlog by Joy Kendi where she gives tips on how to earn as a content creator.

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