Re-introducing Nelvinn Chuma

When Telkom made its entry into the country with their splashy and cool ad featuring a runner, Nelvinn Chuma had us in awe. He, honestly, owned the ad. The Kenyan model was also named ‘Model of the Year’ at the 2017 Kenya Fashion Awards. He has been referred to as a jack of all trades for his mastery in dressing well, athleticism and artistry.

At Spreadzone, we’re about promoting wellness and thus I reached out to Nelvinn. We had a chat about his modelling career, the challenges he faces and the brand he dreams of strutting the runway for someday. Yes, we love fashion as much as he does. I, however, did not get a chance to ask him quickfire questions but I got to know the last website he visited before our interview.

For those who don’t know Nelvinn Chuma, here is a re-introduction.

What are 3 words that best describe you? 

Sleek. Aware. Creative.


Which modelling agency are you signed to? 

My mother agency is RADG IMM (Barbados) and Cover Models (Cape Town, South Africa).

When did you begin your modelling career? 

My interest developed immediately after high school but I’d say I started officially in 2013.

What has been your biggest highlight as a model? 

It has to be the KFC commercial I was part of. From the production while shooting, to the mileage it got (it garnered over 20million online viewership). That was a pure humbling experience.

What low moments have you experienced so far? 

Not getting paid for work done.

You do both runway and commercial modelling. Which of the two do you like best? 

Whew! Both are interesting and different in their own way but I prefer commercial modelling. This is ’cause it’s challenging every time. It requires you to be expressive and a bit of acting is sometimes needed. With runway modelling, I just love the rush that comes with it plus there’s something special in being around and wearing designer pieces.

Staying fit is a career necessity for you. How do you stay in top shape? 

I ensure that I do at least a 1-hour workout routine for 5 days a week. But the secret is in the diet. You are what you eat *bites an apple* (laughs). 

Aha! So speaking of diets, what do you have on your plate on a daily basis? 

I eat more vegetables than anything else. I acquired the taste over time. I also take lots (and lots) of hot water.

Do you have cheat days? 

No, I wouldn’t call them cheat days as such but if I’m caught up at a social scene where my friends decide they want us to have pizza then I’ll make an exception.

Which brands would you love to model for in future? 

Off-White by Virgil Abloh who’s currently at Louis Vuitton.

What’s the best thing about being a model? 

You get to live every day under your own terms but that only happens when you are aware of yourself and what you can offer the industry.

Paris, Milan, Johannesburg or Nairobi? 

Naiiiiirobiiiiii. I love my city too much!

What are you currently reading? 

Rich Dad, Poor Dad‘ by Robert Kiyosaki.

Best TV Series/movie you’ve watched? 

Oh mahn! TV series has to be Stranger Things (I loved the production). As for the movie, the Avengers: Infinity War was quite something.

Which was the last website you visited? 

*Checks* It’s; that’s where I get my songs from.

What photo do you have as your phone screensaver? 

A photo of a  beautiful sunset I took while in Cape Town.

What advice would you give your younger self? 

“Be present and patient young king. You’ll get there.”


*Photos courtesy of Nelvinn Chuma Instagram* 

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