Coke Studio Africa: New Season Details

Coke Studio Africa will be returning for another season and we couldn’t be more excited.

The continental music show has launched careers of artists such as The Band Beca and has cemented the prowess of the likes of Dela. She got to work alongside Jason Derulo.

If you’re a budding musician, are you working towards being on this great show some day?

The show is set to air in February 2019. Production of Coke Studio Africa 2019 will commence at Super Sport Studios in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi starting first week of November 2018.

The list of participating artists will be unveiled in a few days and I’m sure they’re all going to be great. Who do you think will be performing this season?

J Blessing,  who owns a music headphones company ,PACE Africa, has partnered with Coke Studio as well.

Monali Shah, Head of Content Excellence, for Coca-Cola Southern and Eastern Africa said, “Pace Africa, who design and manufacture an array of audio devices such as PACE FOCUS and PACE MATE will power up the sound for the season providing us with headphones and earphones both for the production and for some of our lucky consumers.”



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