George Kimani: Never Underrate a Funny Man

He’s the guy who makes your girlfriend laugh for days. No, seriously he is. George Kimani is part of the trio under the Vines of Africa brand with the other two being Seth Gor and Sharon Mwangi.

The power of humor cannot be ignored especially in this age of mental health challenges, depression, climate change…you name it. Vines of Africa has partnered with big brands and the 3 have been featured on big media platforms in the country.

The Vault entertainment show had a chat with George so expect the video any time soon. Here’s a preview of the cool and funny conversation George had with The Vault‘s host.

Who got you interested in vines?
It was around 2013 and I used to see King Bach’s videos and I’d be like this guy is really stupid and I wanted to create something just as funny. I was pursuing actuarial science at the time, it was stressful and I needed some sort of release. So I started making short vines with my phone. After that I upgraded by buying a handy-cam. Seth was also on the rise at the time and I’d see his videos and we’d sort of compete with each other which was good. Eventually we decided to join forces and become greater together which was at around 2015.

First reaction you got when you shared your first vine on Instagram?
I had 150 followers by then and my first video got 11 likes. I was over the moon! Imagine from around 3 likes to 11! The consecutive videos just got better and my account blew up.

Tell us a bit about Vines of Africa
We formed it about a year and half ago and it was challenging at first but we got an investor, Henry Wahome. He helped us start the business because we didn’t know the direction we wanted to take. It was an advantage to have him when we were starting out because he’s been in the game and he knows what works. I mostly direct the skits and write the scripts for Vines of Africa.

What’s the funniest video you’ve ever made?
Hmm..the remake of the 90’s RnB music video was pretty funny.

What do you like most about what you do?
The creativity side of it. Scripting and brainstorming ideas is fun. Shooting has to be my least favorite bit because we’re just 3 and that takes a lot of time and energy.

Advice to your younger self?
Work hard and make use of your time wisely.

What do you tell your family about what you do?
I tell them I’m a media consultant. My parents have seen some of my videos and they’re supportive.

Mutura or smokie pasua?
Mutura πŸ–
A dragon or a lion?
A lion 🦁
iPhone or Samsung?
iPhone πŸ“±
Drake or Kanye West?
Timmy Tdat…scratch that, Drake 🎀
Man City or Man Utd?
Man City ⚽
Chicks with long or short hair?
Long hair πŸ’πŸ½β€β™€οΈ
Ist thing you do in the morning?
Check my Instagram 🀳🏾
Ridikyulass or XYZ?



Here is the first episode of The Vault featuring Naiboi:

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