Conformity for Who? Art Done The Right Way

Every artists’ brushstroke is like a fingerprint, distinct and unique to them and them alone and the combination of these brushstrokes is like a brick each having a role in the general structure of the potential masterpiece that can come out of this exhilarating process. In Kenya, art is heavily associated with portraits and one’s ability to recreate pictures in 2D form whether with pen, charcoal or whatever tool. An unappreciated art form however is the abstract form of art where one gets to tell their truth with just a brush and canvas.

Meet Kedrick Aseto and Byron Nyasimi, two bright-eyed and bushy tailed artists who are bringing this lost art from to life and take the country by storm with their great talents. These two artists are on a mission to popularize art in their own way and on their own terms. They have been doing this for under a year but they have been able to create great original pieces from re-creating and re interpreting popular pieces with their own spin to creating their own picture of how girl empowerment should look like and even capturing the pure essence of mother earth.

In the words of Jean-Michel Basquiat; arguably one of the greatest artists that graced the world, ‘Don’t think about art when working instead try and think about life’. This seems to be the mantra these two are chanting with the style of their art as they are not conforming to any style; contemporary or retro. With an Anselm Kiefer-like finesse and a Basquiat level of originality, these two artists are treading well onto a trailblazing path. Now notice that I insisted on using the word artists rather than painters for they don’t only paint but can dabble in other forms of art as well from graffiti to calligraphy and the more popular portrait drawing.

Their pieces are suitable for various spaces whether it’s an office, a bank, hospital or living spaces with each customized to suit whatever ambiance is desired. The size of the pieces also vary from 70 x 70 cm to a 60 x 60, the bottom line being, this experience is purely tailored to your exact needs. As like everything else in the world cash has to come into play (you didn’t think they do this for free did you?). The pieces go for between 2,000 Kenyan shillings to 6500. Pretty fair for a dope piece of art setting the right vibe for your personal space? We feel the same way too.