Christmas Shopping: Cool Gifts Under Ksh 500!

There’s nothing as challenging as deciding on a gift. The first time I took part in organizing a Secret Santa at a place I used to work, I realized coming up with the perfect gift is a real hustle. Even for a person you know really well, you might struggle to pick the exact thing to impress them. But it’s the thought that counts, right? Wrong!

Christmas is almost here and you know that means celebrations. It doesn’t matter how you decide to do it. It’s been a long year but for some it’s been short. There are people in your life whom you’re truly grateful for and it wouldn’t hurt if you spared a few shillings and pampered them with a small gift.

I know, I know. The economy right now imeamua ni mazishi so that’s why I asked my friends to share with me presents they would buy that are Ksh 500 and and less. That’s do-able right? Here are some of the responses I got.

“I would get a book, a scarf, sweets and a pair of good socks. A mug and a notebook would also work. All of these for less than 500 bob. House of Leather has some pretty good deals,” says Beryl Njoki.


“I love clothes and so i’d make my mom a nice African kitenge. That goes for about 500 bob if I have the material. I would also buy her a pair of nice shoes for almost the same price,” says Millicent. 


“I would buy my mum a neck piece. Something with a green faux gem stone. She has really supported and encouraged me throughout the year and the neck piece would be to remind her that she’s the best,” says Oscar


“When I think of cool gifts for less than 500 bob, a belt, watch, earrings, necklace and a bracelet come to mind. You can get any of these for about 350 bob. One of these would be perfect for your girlfriend, mum or female friend. A nice gift shop will also wrap it up for you but for slightly more,” says Gloria.


“I don’t have the ideal person for a gift but I’d buy a pair of socks, a mug, or a door mat,” says Damaris. 

I also asked Instagrammers to share their ideas with me and Marvin suggested a hoodie. This rainy December definitely needs a hoodie. Mwihaki suggested earrings, a notebook (tada!) and lipstick all for Ksh 500 and less. Ian mentioned Cadbury chocolate which goes for Ksh 170, Delamere yogurt which goes for roughly Ksh 200 and some Nuvita biscuits which go for Ksh 30 bob (the bigger pack that is). Wow! Sweet tooth! Tonny also suggested Kinderjoy. Yup. You can never go wrong with chocolate.

“I’d buy a book for the introverts like me,” said Rio and Rodricks suggested KC Vodka. ‘Tis the season to make merry y’all. My two close buddies came up with crazy suggestions. Douglas wants to get me a new SIM card for a cheaper network provider while Wallace would get me Eno, an antacid medicine. He understands that it’s the festive season and people are bound to eat a lot. Better have a toilet plan early, right?

You can get more Christmas shopping ideas from Sharon Mundia:


Visit gift shops early for discounts and House of Leather is definitely worth a try. I guess since most Kenyan vloggers are doing ‘vlogmas videos’, this is our ‘blogmas’. Happy holidays y’all. Eat, be merry, buy gifts and save a little.

But just as one of my friends, Yvonne, told me, there’s not a more beautiful gift than the gift of life so let’s all be grateful even as we remember departed souls such as Sagini, a young artist who worked with Khaligraph Jones and passed away after a short illness.

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