Meet Denri Africa’s New Ambassador

He is funny, stylish and a student at Daystar University. Michael Muchiri has become a popular name on the Interwebs due to his sense of humour. He shares short vines on social media that poke fun at typical ‘Kenyan mom’ behaviours which has seen him get featured on a number of media platforms.

Style is our discussion today with Mike. He was voted in as the ‘New Face of Denri-Campus category’.  Denri Africa are the makers of high quality leather bags. Fena Gitu is one local celebrity who was once their ambassador.

I had a chat with Michael as I was curious to find out what exactly a brand ambassador does, what he hopes to achieve and how social media is a key player in getting gigs.

What went through your mind when the announcement was made? 

Well to be honest, I was surprised somewhat surprised ‘cause the rest of the competitors were potentials too. But I realized how loyal my fans are!

You have modelled for the brand before. What do you like about them? 

Their management, their organization and their products

What’s the story of how you saw the first Denri bag and what was the impression you got? 

Many of my friends had Denri bags and to be honest I had already succumbed to the urge of getting one. I got myself a Denri laptop bag, ‘cause the quality is unquestionable!

How long will the partnership last?

It’s a one year contract

What do you hope other youngsters can learn about the brand from you as the ambassador? 

Well, as a The face of Denri, oral marketing of their products will be my number one priority! And all I want youngsters to know and realize is that Denri bags and products are legit and their quality is 100% good!

Do you think having a big social media following is necessary to get some of these gigs? 

Yes, a big Yes! The more the following, the larger the audience and the more opportunities

What are your future career goals? 

I’m hoping to still pursue my comic career and build myself as a brand not only in Kenya but internationally as well.

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