The Hottest Movies and TV Series of 2019 According to Kenyans

In 2018, the movie I had anticipated the most was Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Sadly, it didn’t get raving reviews but I still enjoyed it (KenyaBuzz described it as “One big mess”). What will you be watching this year? The hottest list of movies and TV series is out courtesy of Spreadzone readers! Is your favourite one on the list? Mine is definitely The Lion King and Game of Thrones final season. I’m sure as the year progresses there will be more movies and shows to inspire an adrenalin rush with their trailers and teasers. Are trailers and teasers the same thing? Hmm…

I asked a couple of you through social media platforms what you’re planning on watching this year and these are the responses I got.

‘A SIMPLE FAVOUR’– It stars Anna Kendrick. I want to watch it because she is totally amazing and the storyline is so enchanting. Like for most movies you can deduce multiple endings but this one is mysterious, chilling yet enticing. – Gloria

Though technically it is a 2018 film, A Simple Favour looks like one that one can watch over and over again. So, what really happened to Emily in the movie?


GLASS’– I want to watch it because its prequels were nothing short of stellar– Douglas


LION KING-I’m waiting for the Lion King because I’m such a baby (laughs). I say that with love- Rio


THE AVENGERS: END GAME‘- I can’t wait to see the end. Infinity War left us in a weird place just like Game of Thrones. You know what they say, you can’t stop a ripe mango from falling. John


‘THE LION KING/THE AVENGERS END GAME– I’m curious to see how the Avengers will conclude and see the story behind the new Lion King. – Millicent


‘SHAZAM’-I feel like it won’t be as dark as other DC movies and the main character is playing a kid which is interesting. Also, superhero movies rock.- Teddy


‘GAME OF THRONES’– I absolutely love Game of Thrones and I’m hoping the finale will be worth it. I love how emotional and thought-provoking it is on matters of leadership, love, revenge, family, community, personal growth, belief, governance, culture… It’s the complete package.- Yvonne

‘THE PUNISHER (Season  2)- I’m not yet decided on the movies but i’ve been waiting for the second season of the Punisher which will be out on January 18th. -Donovan


Others shared their views on our Twitter page.


‘THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS‘- I’m so excited for the next instalment of the Fast and the Furious. I never tire seeing the actors. -Gibson


Even though The Fast and Furious 9 will not be out till 2020, it does look like it’ll be promising given its previous films.

This year will be an amazing one in terms of entertainment. I also think I should inform you that Marsai Martin from TV series Black-ish is the youngest Hollywood executive producer aged 13. Yes, the idea to produce the film was all hers. Wow, winning at a young age. We are proud. Her film, Little, will be premiering in April and boy does the trailer look funny. This is also definitely one to watch out for.


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