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Established in 2005, Global Wealth Trade (GWT) was founded by MLM legend and The Forensic Networker and proud Canadian Ramin Mesgarlou.
 Right from the start the company was different and focused on providing an affluent lifestyle for all.  The company focused on fashion, jewellery and accessories from super economical all the way up to super luxury.  The company was highly successful and created state of art designs that won scores of trade and business accolades and awards in the first decade.
 GWTs luxury brand FERI attracted hundreds of celebrities and dignitaries and the luxury brand was now being recognized as one of the most prestigious fashion houses in the world. 
BFH has been following GWT Corp since 2010 and has placed GWT Corp as an AAA+ rated company every year.  So why rebrand after twelve years of success?

We ask that question to the founder & CEO Ramin Mesgarlou, “
We are a different company today than we were in 2005 when we first launched with just high-end jewellery. As a matter of fact, we are a completely a different company today than we were even a year ago before the introduction of our professional grade, multi-patented anti-aging skincare systems and our super antioxidant scientific breakthrough, all natural supplement called The Fountain Of Life. So the rebrand was necessary to represent who we are today as an exciting and innovative company operating in all three-product verticals fashion, health & beauty.
Lets talk about Opulence Globals marketing focus first.”

Ramin: “True to its name, Opulence Global compensation plan has many unique perks that focuses not so much on the money that can be earned but on Opulent lifestyle like luxury travel such as private jet charter, exotic cars, exotic vacation and of course luxury fashion. Hence we call our partners Lifestyle Promoters,  Advisers and Directors.
  Our mission statement is:
 Opulent living is no longer exclusive only to the most privileged; we provide an opportunity for everyone to achieve generational wealth. 
If you have the WILL, we have the WAY!” Ramin also adds, “We want to be known as the company that offers opulent lifestyle automatically from day one that you become our partner and not something you have to build over time. Of course its not just lifestyle we offer, there is a comprehensive 4 million dollar compensation plan earning potential per year that goes along with the instant lifestyle.

So how is it going? “I am sure there are CEOs in MLM that are thinking the same right now to rebrand their company .. some companies have already and gone on to become large successful companies. What is your advice to the CEOs that will read this interview? “
Just one advice, make sure you have a good reason to rebrand because it took 8 exhausting months to do ours. But when it’s done right, the energy is something I have never seen in almost three decades in MLM.

Ramin, please explain the process of what a real rebrand is like vs. some companies that just change the name and compensation plan, “What we did was a through and through rebrand that upgraded every component of what was already a very comprehensive & successful business model. 
First, we started with the product line by adding the industry’s first professional-grade anti-ageing skin systems with 106 patents awarded to its premium grade ingredients. We were probably the last to get in to the anti-aging market and that is because over the past 12 years we have built a very prestigious & recognized brand in FERI so if the skincare regimen was going to bare the FERI Swan logo, it had to be professional grade’ that beats the spa quality.
We released a brand new compensation plan that focused on one thing and that is attainable Opulent Lifestyle within the first 90 ‘“ 120 days aside from the compensation plan. This is a new revelation in MLM compensation plan where the optimum lifestyle can be reached even before you develop a large organization. The path to success in MLM is a long one so we wanted to make the path more comfortable and a lot more fun. I believe this is what MLM was meant to be.
We reduced our fashion house retail pricing by as much as 55% to increase retail sales significantly. Of course, this also fuels our partners quest of achieving the opulent lifestyle they seek much quicker with their dream designer fashion goods.
The last and the most significant addition that has completely changed our company focus and culture was the recent release of the worlds most potent all natural super anti-oxidant breakthrough The Fountain Of life. I have to admit, it’s tough to see how quickly we have gone from a prestigious & award winning fashion house to becoming one of the most serious health & wellness companies operating today because of this one product. It was evident this product will take over our company because of 22 years of extensive clinical tests, its multiple patents and mostly the quick astonishing results. But I never anticipated how fast the Fountain Of Life would spread globally in just 8 weeks since its release.”

This is different because I have known you for a long time Ramin and you never wanted to be a health & wellness company, which is surprising since you were a professional athlete.
 “You are right but my issue was not heath & wellness, it was the way it was marketed by some companies. That said, you are right, I am shocked how quickly The Fountain of Life has taken over our company in all 206 countries we sell to.
 All in all The Fountain Of Life high performance anti-oxidant supplement has become and will be the lead product in Opulence Global because of its quick effectiveness, price and simplicity but the anti-aging skin systems and fashion will be the strength of our monthly re-order retention as there are many dream items on the wish for the partners to choose from.

For more information please visit www.myopulence.com and www.fol.one

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24 Comments on “Experience True Opulence and Affluence”

  1. First class company with first class and effective products in fashion , beauty and health with the best pay plan anywhere in the world.
    I’ve been with this company for many years and it keeps getting better and better and changing lives globally wether financially or health wise.
    It operates in close to 200 countries and the support is bar none
    Highly recommended

  2. GWT and Today Opulence Global is one of the best company worldwide ever known. We are all Proud to be part of the company who is changing life around the Globe, offering a Total concept of living Healthy, Wealthy with a natural Health, Beauty products and Fashion lifestyle. We feel Privileged being partner with Opulence Global, a Proud Canadian Company, where the Country is Ranked world Number 1 Better Life.


  3. Opulence global was a remarkable business platform for me from the word go.
    In my first 18 months I have made a 400% profit on my investment.
    Considering the fact that Opulence Global is leading the health world with the flagship product like fountain of life with over 22 registered patent and medical grade micro silver with over 84 registered patterns to top all of that one of the most innovative and action driven compensation plan in the market ,
    No wonder Opulence Global in my opinion is the best financial home based business platform in the world currently

  4. A very interesting article about this amazing company and its whole story and development is simply exciting to be part of this family.

  5. I have been involved with Opulence Global from last year 2018 Jan. It’s an amazing company that I would recommend to any one who is looking for a business partner to partner with.I have not seen another MLM company which offers what Opulence is offering to its partners,with the best compensation plan and very well reserched products,and very unique fashion line. The Fountain Of Life,the most powerful antioxidant have amazing testimonials,it’s indeed a product that is preserving and protecting our health. The company has given me an opportunity to have business partners in different parts of the World without leaving my home country Kenya. For me am a proud partner and am home with Opulence being my business partner. Thank you CEO Ramin for your Vision.
    For more details.

  6. I joined this amazing company a month ago and I already sold some bottles of fountain of life and people are very exciting from the product. I feel I found the right place for me by joining Opulence Global

  7. Having been involved with the company, GWT from 2014, and of course Opulence Global from the start, I can attest to just how exact these statements are. The nutritional supplement of which Ramin says he is “shocked at how fast it has spread globally” is not only effective, but is one I will never go anywhere without! Thank you, Ramin Mesgarlou, for providing hope for a better future to the world!

  8. The Fountain Of Life is simple a remarkable life changing product. From my sons eczema after 8 years of suffering gone after 3 weeks of taking Fountain Of Life… to my own hair that was thinning to now a thick head of hair… to my shoulder pain from a snowboard accident now no more pain! I have countless more stories and I suggest everyone to add Fountain Of Life to their daily routine! And it’s so affordable unlike so many other products out there.

  9. Having partnered with GWT in 2015 and being a part of the Rebrand to Opulence Global was and is an Incredible opportunity. We are just getting started and so so many things to come.
    “ If your not getting better your getting worse “ is the mindset of Our CEO Ramin Mesgarlou. That 1 sentence says it all. Always striving to improve, innovate and Implement. Accomplished is how I would describe him.
    In 2015 I was looking for the right company, the best product , the right compensation plan, and the right people. That’s what I found, you will too!

  10. From the day I entered to Gwt at that time in 2016 my all shopping life change to look good. Now even better with everything I can get a product that can’t be without a product like FOL. I am so proud and so thankful to be a part of this big company Opulence Global and the hard working family and teams . Absolutely amazing knowledge flooding from our CEO to everyone under to me for my own growth in business. I am definitely stronger and more aware of networking to move forward . I believe in my big faith more beautiful and exciting things will happen a head of us. If you want this don’t miss it just give it a try you will not regret. We are absolutely lovely family with respect.

  11. I have been a partner for the last 10 months & I am excited to be part of Opulence Global. The emphasis of ‘the best quality’ is just amazing!
    The phenomenal Fountain of Life supplement, is a MUST HAVE in every household.
    I also love Feri Flawless. All-natural-skin care range, for all ages, all skin types & both genders.
    The amazing financial angle, with an incredible compensation plan, is the icing on the already very rich cake!

  12. Greatfull to be part of the Opulence family.
    Helping changing people’ s life.
    With a thousandof products in Fashion , beauty and Health the company had expend globaly. And the company is reaching out to.anyone who llike to protect and preserve their well beeing to consume one of the power antioxydant and and other natural products company’s branded to garanti a home safe environement for all the family.

  13. With my first experience with MLM its a decision I cannot regret taking in 2014 .The investment I made is beyond this company the growth the self confidence being a team player while doing business for my self and not by myself is remarkable .Thank you Ramin Mesgarlou for this opportunity to achieve something so great and to leave for my generations to come

  14. Opulence Global speaks volume, I’ve been with this company for only seven months.I’ve been using Fountain of Life since then and am loving it.

  15. GWT and Today Opulence Global is one of the best company worldwide ever known. We are all Proud to be part of the company who is changing life around the Globe, offering a Total concept of living Healthy, Wealthy with a natural Health with FOL ( Most Powerfull Natural Antioxydant, protecting our body system again. chronically diseases ) Beauty Natural Products ( Flawless Anti Aging and Care home system) and Fashion lifestyle accessories for all.
    We feel Privileged being partner with Opulence Global, a Proud Canadian Company, where the Country is Ranked world Number 1 Better Life.


  16. The rebranding of our company to Opulence Global has opened doors to more members looking for an opulent life style.

    Marketing our health product has increased retail sales for everyone involved while creating a path to the opulent highway with even more incentives.

    Addition of new products for personal care is a guarantee of a better, longlasting company concerned with Opulent health, beauty and fashion.

    ‘If you have the will, we have the way’ , is an invitation for anyone prepared to work towards a better, healthier lifestyle.

    Thanks to our CEO and founder Mr. Ramin Mesgarlou for having a vision and creating this opportunity which extends worlwide. Thanks to our hard working Opulence Global staff for constant training and education of all members. Thanks to our clients for sharing their experiences and to leaders for unwavering guidance and support.

  17. Proud to be part of Opulence Global. My excitement about our company from the day that I became a partner in 2013 have always been the cutting edge innovation that has lead to consistent growth and the inclusive culture which enables anyone to succeed in the business irrespective of who you are or where you live.

    These phenomenal attributes have allowed me to share our unique produces and business plan with people in Nigeria and all over the world. Our team has grown to more than 5000 partners worldwide and we have recorded several success stories of financial breakthroughs and leadership advancements at the highest level in our company. Very few companies offer this type of rapid achievements.

    Right now, we have a brand new company with products and a business plan that is capable of transforming the lifestyle and financial fortune of anyone who is hungry enough for change.

  18. Absolutely Awesome Article and Interview!
    I can’t stop thanking our Company Leadership!
    As International Civil Servant, only One Year in the company, I have never seen being in the private sector, Public Sector or Business Sector where everything is made so simple, straightforward, sincere for a layman to understand!
    I m ever proud Partner in this Amazing and rewarding Company: * Opulence Global *
    Best wishes Always ?

  19. What an inspiring article! I have been a Lifestyle Advisor with Opulence Global since April 2018. Today I have a team of 35 in 5 different countries (Canada, US, UK, Sweden and most recently Kenya). My #1 goal of 2019 is to QUIT my government job and make this my sole source of income! If you’re looking for an opportunity that will allow you to to work from anywhere in the world, change people’s lives for the better, and travel the world THIS IS IT!! Contact me today to learn more!!

  20. The opulent living is no longer exclusive only to the most privileged; we provide an opportunity for everyone to achieve generational wealth.
    “If you have the WILL, we have the WAY!”

    If you are tired of living check by check text me to help you to taste “Eternal Freedom”
    “Because You Deserve More”

    Tap on the links below to see our unique products and compensation plan:

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