Susan Lucky Wong on Her Career, Life and Living To Eat

They saved the President! Yes, that’s Agent 64 and Agent 18! Before confusion hits you, I’m referring to the mind-bending game Susan played at the Hepa Escape Rooms located at Thika Road Mall. Susan Lucky Wong is our next interviewee for the YouTube entertainment feature, The Vault. You should check out our previous videos.

Susan Lucky Wong is well known as a lifestyle connoisseur focusing on food, photography and travel journalism and has won various awards for her work. Wow, I also want to do all these things hey. The former Capital FM editor had a chat with us and she shared a few insights with us on her career, her shift from Canada to Kenya and her love for Aquaman.

You were born and raised in Canada. What’s the story on how you ended up in Kenya?

I first moved to Ethiopia, worked there for a 3 and a half years before I moved to Nairobi. I was working for the Canadian government.

You write, you travel, and you’re a lover of good food… Have you coined a phrase yet that best describes what you do?

Hmm…”Live to eat”.

Is ‘living to eat’ something you wanted to do when growing up?

At a very young age I did think that I’d love to be a food writer, I’d love to run a magazine, I’d love to write for a living, be a photographer and funny enough all the little wishes that I had as a child they’ve all come true because I firmly believe if you always take steps towards your passions, they’ll come true.

What challenges do you face?

As a food writer, you must taste everything before you formulate an opinion so there are times when you actually get sick or you know you’re gonna get sick but you still eat it because if you don’t eat it you’re lying to your audience.

When would you say you took lifestyle blogging seriously?

It kinda started officially about 8 years ago but my first published restaurant review was 10 years ago. It was at an Ethiopian restaurant and it was framed by the owner and placed on the wall. That was the moment I knew there was more to this.

Is there a place you haven’t been to that you’re dying to travel to?

I would love to go to the Kingdom of Bhutan. They’re known for being the happiest country in the world. They have an index that measures happiness and I think it comes from just being able to be part of a community, to be content, to appreciate what is around you, to be grateful…They have all these teachings and I think on a very general level, everyone is on the same page.

What are the ‘Susan Lucky Wong’ preparation steps before travelling?

I think very clearly in terms of what I want to bring. I pack very lightly and I also carry all of my equipment but I still make it under 12 kilos. The worst thing is you’re travelling alone and you’re hoping to different places and your luggage is stuck somewhere and also as a woman I want to be very mobile just in case I need to run if there’s a thug. If you cannot carry it on your own then you should not bring it. I also plan the logistics. I need to know how I’m getting there and where I’m sleeping. I also think you can travel at the level of your budget and have a great time so it’s about being realistic with your budget. It’s all about being disciplined. Interesting enough, some of these museums abroad are free not all the time but maybe it could be on a Sunday like in Italy, the first Sunday of the month it’s free for most of the museums. In London, all the museums are open to the public at all times. It’s important to do your research.

Your favourite food spot in Nairobi is____________

I like a place called KK. They’re really good at breakfast, kienyeji kuku soup. It is at Bruce House on the ground floor. For just Ksh 150, you get this bowl of soup, with a bobbing piece of chicken inside there. Their brown chapatis are really good as well.


Street food or hotel food? Street

Espresso or cappuccino? Espresso

Swimming with sharks or fighting a gorilla? Swimming with the sharks

Which movie character would you marry? *inhales deeply* Aquaman!

If you had free access, what would it be, Netflix or YouTube? Netflix

Fixing or replacing things? Fix

What would be your secret superpower? The power to heal others *insert smiley*


Keep it here to watch the video of the game at Hepa Escape Room and more insights into her journey.


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