Tique a Bou: The New Stylish Online Store You Need to Check Out

Online shopping Kenyan sites are on the rise and especially clothing stores. I’m sure you’ve spent your money at one time purchasing an item or two online and it’s most likely a piece of clothing. If you haven’t, Tique a Bou will give you a reason to. Tique a Bou is a Mombasa-based online shopping store specializing in fashionable and stylish pieces for the ladies that range from clothes to shoes. They are now delivering countrywide.

Tique a Bou, who have been featured by the likes of fashion blogger Lucia Musau, recently relaunched. I had a chat with Patricia Elizabeth, a marketing manager at Tique a Bou to find out more about the online brand and what their plans are for the future.

How did you come up with the brand name ‘Tique a Bou’?

Tique a Bou is a play on words from the word boutique. A boutique is a small store that sells stylish clothing, jewellery or other luxury items where you receive impeccable customer service. Tique a Bou is a customer serviced focussed company; always ensuring there is a real person to guide you through the ordering process to maximise that retail therapy experience. We believe the level of customer service at Tique a Bou is unmatched while providing high quality and stylish clothing at affordable prices.

Do you have an ideal client in mind?

Tique a Bou does not have an ideal client, each customer is unique and we embrace this. Instead, we focus on providing high quality, trendy clothing that’s affordable and accessible by all; look good, feel good, for less! 

Why did you decide to relaunch?

While we were winding Tique a Bou down we were closely watching the online retail space in Kenya and were disappointed at the level of service, and the poor reputation online shopping had gained. Kenyans were shopping online and receiving products that were different to what had been advertised, delivery services took too long and were unreliable and horror stories of customers purchasing out of stock items and never being refunded were all too common. Online shopping is supposed to be a fun and satisfying experience where you can shop from the comfort of your own home. This is why we re-launched, to ensure that Kenyans do not receive a raw deal from the online retail world.

What has been the response from your customers so far?

We re-launched on 4th November 2018 and we struggled to keep up with the demand as our old customers were happy to see us back and our marketing campaign did better than we expected! But rather than this coming from us, it’s probably better to take a look at our reviews and get a feel for the experiences our customers have had with us.

Your focus seems to be on female apparel. Do you have plans for the guys?

We currently receive many enquiries from the guys in Kenya looking for trendy and affordable clothing delivered to their doorstep too, and these certainly haven’t gone unnoticed! Currently, we don’t have a launch date for our menswear range however we can say, this is most definitely in the pipeline.

What has been your biggest highlight as Tique a Bou brand?

We are not able to put our finger on one event or occasion that has been the highlight for Tique a Bou. Every time we gain a new follower on social media is a highlight, every time we receive the feedback of a happy customer is a highlight and every time we partner up with an enthusiastic influencer is a highlight, to name a few. In one particular occasion, a customer came to us with a budget for an outfit for a function which we had to deliver in time for the big day. She received the item the next day to the address of the place she was staying, it fit perfectly and we received a thank you email a few days later to say how well it all went. It’s feedback like this that drives the Tique a Bou team in our ultimate goal, which is simply, to provide Kenyan’s with a genuine, fuss-free, good deal. 

What sets Tique a Bou apart from other online retailers?

From the very start, our customer service team have been trained to provide genuine and honest styling and sizing advice. Rather than a complete sales focused team, we would prefer a customer receives an item they truly love. We would rather not make a sale at all than selling something that’s not right for the customer. Our customer service team are always available for a chat about the kind of styles you like and what would or wouldn’t work with your body shape. We have comprehensive size charts with detailed measurements, available to our team which helps guide us and provide accurate sizing advice. You can see the chart here.

How do you deal with complaints from customers?

The saying goes ‘’Every cloud has a silver lining’’. Although complaints are inevitable and can sometimes be disheartening, our team always tried to draw the positives from them. In fact, complaints are an essential part of improving and growing. When a customer reports a problem or comes to us with an issue they have experienced, we make sure we listen. We try to find out exactly what the problem was and why it happened so we can ensure it doesn’t happen again. Rather than us versus the customer, we take the approach that it’s us, alongside the customer, versus the problem. Above all, complaints are a learning experience and help us improve the level of service we provide.

How fast is the delivery of items?

We have partnered with Fargo Courier who provides delivery countrywide in Kenya, with next working day delivery across major towns & cities, for orders made before 14:30. This gives our warehousing team enough time to sort, pack and gift wrap your items and load them to our courier for dispatch nationwide. So if you were to order on a Monday, your items will be with you on a Tuesday. More remote areas may take an extra day due to infrastructure constraints.

What is the vision for Tique a Bou in the long run?

The vision for Tique a Bou is to become a household name amongst Kenyans and the go-to place for all affordable and trendy clothing. Our journey has just started and it has not been easy, however as a wise man once said: “It is usually the most difficult paths which lead to the most beautiful destinations”.

Head to their website to have a look at all the awesome pieces they have. Tique a Bou is here for you and by the way, there’s no need to pressure your bae, he knows Valentine’s is almost here. Just send him this link 😉

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