Kenyan Food Bloggers Get Featured on Essence Magazine

Three Kenyan food bloggers have been featured on America’s Essence magazine website. Sheena Amario, Capital FM‘s Mandi Sarro and Kaluhi Adagala of Kaluhi’s kitchen were recognized for their work in the culinary department as first reported by The Sauce.

Essence magazine is an international publication and this means that the three foodies are slowly growing into bigger brands. This is the kind of exposure that opens doors to so many other things. This is not the first time that Kenyan content creators have been featured on Essence. In January this year, the American magazine highlighted four Kenyan influencers in their top 10 African influencers list.

Sheena is a chef who focuses on both local and exotic culinary delights. She is always keen to remind her followers that healthy eating doesn’t always have to be boring. Apart from being a radio presenter at Capital FM, Mandi is also a foodie whose ‘Miss Mandii’s Throwdown‘ recipes have gone on to inspire a huge following on social media. In a previous interview on NTV’s Living With Ess, Miss Mandii said that using the hashtag #MissMandiiThrowdown helped her content garner a larger audience when she was starting out.

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I am in love with raw sukumawiki in a salad and it works amazingly well in burgers. For this beef burger I instead of using lettuce in the burgers. I opted for sukumawiki and let me tell you its a match made in heaven. For the sukumawiki salad: Serves 3: 🌸 10 large leaves Sukumawiki 🌸1 Cucumber thinly sliced 🌸2 Tomatoes chopped 🌸1 large Carrots grated 1. Thoroughly wash your sukumawiki, thinly cut the sukumawiki to create ribbon like thread. 2. Combine all the vegetables together. 3. Dress with a honey🍯 mustard dressing mix well and let the salad seat to soak up the dressing. Leave it to seat for atleast 10 minutes before using it in the burgers. 4. Enjoy alone or with other meats or in a burger like I did👅 5. Optinal finish the salad with squeeze of lemon/lime juice I used a honey mustard dressing which I shared a while back on my YouTube channel Which is basically just a combination of 🌸Olive oil, vinegar, mustard sauce, salt and black pepper. What are your thoughts on raw sukumawiki aka collard greens? . . _____________________________________________ #sheenaskitchen#seekenya#kenyanfood#africanfood#africanfoodblogger#africanchef #homechef#homecook#homefood#foodstyling#healthyeating#healthyliving#simplecooking#lightlunchideas#healthyfoodideas#eatgoodfeelgood#easylunch#ilovelunch#simplelunchideas#cleaneatingideas#eatcleanfood#collardgreensalad#beefburger#kalesalad#eatyourgreens#eatyourcolors#eatbetternotless

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Kaluhi Adagala is an award-winning food blogger who has carved out a place for her self in the food content creation space. She shares recipes of local meals with ingredients that one can easily get. This has made her content relatable to a large number of Kenyans. She has been featured on CNN as well.

I have written about YouTubers and I’ve talked to food bloggers on a piece before. This goes to show that content creation economy is growing. If you’re passionate about something, this is the time to share your knowledge with us. Brands will pay you to continuously share what you love with the world.

Kenyans are putting in amazing work and it is showing in terms of the recognition and opportunities they are getting. We are here for all those wins.


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