Fashion Blogging: The Quick Change Videos

Fashion blogging has evolved in the recent past and continues to cater to the consumers’ most urgent needs just like every other sector in this age of convenience and efficiency. The most contentious issue when it comes to fashion blogging is how realistic the styling tips offered are and how efficient they are when it comes to seamlessly incorporate these looks into an already existent and thriving wardrobe. This gap in true i-generation fashion opened a door for the invention of quick change videos.

Quick change videos are as the name suggests, videos of how to pair different but similar clothing items in regards to a selected theme. Case in mind, showing what to pair with what during vacation or during a business trip. They usually last about a minute and are fast forwarded to elaborate to the consumer the different ways one can style the clothing items in question. The invention of these types of videos answers the most basic style question ‘how can I style this new item I bought with what I already have’.

Let’s take a couple of steps back and look at this from a different vantage point so as to gain a bit more context. When shopping for clothes, the most basic style tip is to shop for items that can be easily paired with what you already own or at least shop for something that can be paired with anything. That in mind, quick change videos give insight to a consumer about what clothing items can be paired with each other and in more than one way. This means you don’t end up breaking the bank by buying 1,000 different clothing items. The cherry on top being the professional advice you get on how to pair the same clothing items in a manner most resonant to you as an individual.

These type of videos are fast becoming a staple for fashion vloggers looking to compete in a pretty cut-throat industry. They, however, were first used by vloggers such as New York-based Jovel Roystan. His videos usually incorporate 3-4 outfits that can be easily paired with each other without breaking a sweat. His videos also educate his subscribers on what is appropriate to wear during specific seasons or events. All this is structured in a way that enables you to do it yourself at the comfort of your home.

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[60-second style session]: #springbreak style. 🌴 we’re finally at that point where getaways and warm weather are on the brain. whether you’re ironing out your spring break plans or taking a long-awaited trip with the crew, here are a few outfit ideas to help you get your suitcase in the perfect order. ✨🧳✨ 1. matched sets: needless to say, they look great together, but even better, they can be matched with other pieces as separates—which means more looks + more space in your bags. 👕👖 2. a pop of color: you guys know i’m all about day-glo colors right now. you can layer your favorite piece into an all-white ensemble for a strong style statement. 🔫 3. suits: when it comes to vacation, don’t sleep on the suit. whether your break it apart or wear it altogether for the club or a nice dinner, you’ll be glad you brought it. 🕴🏻

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