Newcomer Mutoriah Set To Showcase Maasai Afro house Mix on Coke Studio

Kenyan producer, singer-songwriter and guitarist Mutoriah received public attention when he uploaded one of his special tracks during the #IMadeKenyaChallenge. It was an initiative for young producers to showcase their talent. Mutoriah’s big break then came when he got that call from Coke Studio Africa.

Mutoriah describes his special sound saying it’s all about, “Taking Kenyan traditional music and making something modern.” Coke Studio Africa’s in-house producer from Zimbabwe, Young DLC, was intrigued by Mutoriah’s musical methods and inspirations and wanted to learn from the upstart.

The two producers created a quick bond. They are both 22 years and taught by their fathers, prompting them to start creating and recording music as kids. During the recording of the song, the two combined their dance music concoction featuring a Maasai sample. The song they worked on infused vocals from Wendy Kemunto, a Coke Studio singer.

Speaking on the choice of production, Mutoriah says, “I went with Maasai as it is one of the most popular cultures in Kenya, and I think we haven’t invested in our roots enough.”

You can listen to the songMaasai Power trap‘ in the meantime.

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