The Collabos of 2019 We Want to See

When the masses talk about the greatest artists, their collaborative projects are always subjects of discussion. The best discographies should at least have one collaborative project to solidify one’s status. In the last couple of years we have seen a lot of joint albums or mixtapes released on the global scene, now while this still isn’t a thing in Kenya here are some hypothetical collaborations between Kenyan artists we would love to see happen.

  • MDQ X Victoria Kimani

The Queens of non-conformity and pushing the envelope are a perfect pick on paper. Now despite the fact that they don’t have a working relationship, their intent to blaze trails is unmatched and that’s what makes them the perfect combination. Their collaboration would probably end up changing the Kenyan sound completely, an idea we totally aren’t mad at.

  • Miss Karun X Blinky Bill

The ‘Make believe’ hitmakers caught their fans off guard when they released such a solid song last year. Now having had time to sit with a song for a minute and comparing their hit rosters, these two would be a force to reckon with. Both Karun and Blinky are great producers, extremely creative and with Karun’s awe-inspiring vocals and Blinky‘s surprisingly calm voice, their brainchild would probably have its foot on their peers’ necks unrelentingly.

  • Bey T X Prxnce

Being some of the hottest prospects in the current Kenyan music scene, the time for this collaboration is NOW. Coming off the back of the release of their banger ’25 flow’ it is clear that these two have great musical chemistry. Their ability to go bar for bar and still able to mellow it down by making smooth music such as ‘If they dunno’ and ‘To her’ means a collaborative project would have a great diverse sound.

  • Kato Change X Lisa Oduor-Noah

Mentioning Kato Change without Lisa is like saying peanut butter without jelly. Having worked together on numerous occasions a collaborative project whether album, EP or mixtape is long overdue. Their collaborations whether intentionally or unintentionally have crafted a specific sound unlike anything currently on the Kenyan airwaves.

At the end of the day, collaborative projects will always be a really good thing for the culture. The collaborating artists end up introducing each other to their respective fan bases, new sounds end up being injected onto the scene on top of artist camaraderie. All great components for a budding music scene.

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