Kevin Grands Is The Musical Craftsman Kenya Needs

Meet Kevin Grands, (at this point, you are probably having an epiphany about the title? Good) a talented rapper cum producer based in Nairobi under the indie label ID37 music. Formerly of Coola Gang, the now solo act has been slowly and steadily gaining notoriety in the new wave Kenyan hip hop scene. His latest release being ‘What You Done’ which features Asum Garvey. The song acts as a celebratory recap of his achievements thus far. This accurately creates an insinuation that his journey has not been the shortest or smoothest, but it has been fruitful, to say the least. Now on the verge of something special, his skill set could not seem more impressive and as his appeal to the masses keeps growing, a massive breakout seems on the horizon for the rap enigma that Kevin Grands is.

His style has evolved and become more diverse over the years. From the Coola Gang cypher days right up to his maiden memoirs Ep days and now with the release of his latest project; ‘One Up‘. In his own words, “My style, skill and pen game are a notch higher, I am writing better music. Relationships? Yeah, I’ve learnt to let people in a bit more. The importance of self-awareness has been key, I know a few of my character flaws and just how to not let them take over. I think I am processing situations a bit better now as well. My future in this is looking bright. I now have the confidence to be in the same room as your favourites and not feel the pressure. To push my agenda and not doubt myself. To get on stage and entertain, and not feel too anxious. ”

His statement above in regards to his most recent album does not only resonate to ‘One Up’ but to his general craft. This is a person a lot of Kenyan creative can borrow from. This is because although the ‘Background Music’ hitmaker has always had a soft-spoken demeanour, his music always re-affirms his commitment to being better and doing better, with deep subject matters being common in his music similar to a Drake with Joey Badass production. All which he mostly does by himself in true Kanye fashion. That said, Kevin Grands is definitely a one-off meaning he is one of one and necessary addition to the Kenyan music scene.

You can check out ‘One Uphere.

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