Artist on the rise: Chris Kaiga

We had a chat with up and coming artist, Chris Kaiga. He talks to us about his new song ‘Zimenice’, the heroes in his life and his future plans to take over the music industry.

What inspired you to get into music?

My dad’s love for music was my first inspiration from a young age and after writing and recording my first verse in 2011 with Ashi Akatsa (my sound engineer), I’ve been recording ever since. We even went ahead to establish our own record label ‘Up N UP RECORDS‘ which is the home for acts like Ochungulo family and behind the hit songs ‘Kirimino‘, ‘Na Iwake‘ and ‘Aluta‘.

What do you want to achieve through music?

Music to me is an expression of our culture and a good tool for awareness. I would like to use it to inspire and inform the youth.

What challenges do you face as an upcoming artist?

As an upcoming artist, the main challenges are funding, brand awareness and airplay.

Who is your hero in the music scene?

My heroes in the music scene are Nyashinski, Sauti Sol and Ochungulo family to mention a few.

How hard or easy is it to get gigs?

Landing Gigs depends on effort and input. But it’s definitely easier for the bigger acts.

What is ‘Zimenice‘ all about?

My new song ‘Zimenice‘ comes from the slogan ‘Kujinice‘ which is a hype word encouraging fun and expression in the best way one knows how to!! Ku Jinice 

How long did it take to write and produce it?

The idea was birthed a while back by Eugene Wesala (Wes on the Keyz), myself and Tezzla and we ended up recording it with Debe Studios November last year. We recorded and mastered it within a month.

Who’s your dream collabo?

My dream collab would be WizKid and Nyashinski locally.

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