Meet Kepha Erick

Music is a universal language, it talks and listens. Kepha Erick Opass is a testimonial to this statement. He has used his own money to support several upcoming artists within Moi University and beyond by paying for their studio time, production of music audio and videos. It started as a campaign strategy for a sit in the student union but it soon became a commitment.

Kepha Erick is a 23-year-old undergraduate student at Moi University pursuing a degree in Political Science and Public Administration. Over the past couple of years, Kepha has been passionate about youth empower-ship, social programs and involvement in governance. The infamous ideas of sponsoring artists to pursue their project propelled him to open that and a number of other social projects that have earned him tremendous respect amongst his peers. Being a social scientist with key competencies in resource mobilization and community outreaches, Kepha has been able to impact his community through open and educative forums.

The soft-spoken student is the name behind Young Kalon; a recording hip-hop artist whose works has been an inspiration to many.

The short courses in leadership and disruptive governance that Kepha enrolled to have helped him a lot in running his briefcase social programs. Over the last two years, he has played leading roles at the Models for United Nations (MUN) both in Nairobi and in Vienna. Together with his fellow advocates of change, he helped start a nonprofit civil movement known as AMS (Africa Must Succeed). They have since used this movement to champion for youth inclusivity in national governance and decision making. This civil outfit (AMS) has continued to win the admiration of ministers and key leaders in Kenya. Kepha remains optimistic that AMS will be the ultimate caravan that will deliver the promise of the youth in Kenya and Africa.

”Art is not only a viable career path but also a very powerful form of self-expression and I believe by investing and encouraging art we are painting a masterpiece for our future and generations to come,” says Kepha.

Kepha is also a professional basketballer and together with his team, they have continued to excel and represent their university at the national basketball tournaments. He also loves swimming, hiking, meeting new people and exchanging experiences. When not on his coursework, Kepha spends some of his free time reaching out to the less privileged in his community.

A.M.S leadership structure which Kepha Erick Opass heads is soon going to be recognised as a registered entity yet to be confirmed playing an important role in the Kenyan political spectrum and is likely to provide an identity to the elite group of youths not only in Kenya but also in far lands beyond our borders. The expected is a tremendous improvement in youthful representation in governance through art and other social avenues.

Kepha has denoted that he has the intent of running for Member of Parliament and represent the interests of the youth and artists. “The pool of solutions to recurrent problems of Kenyans are in the law-making arm of the government if and only if proper legislation is done and that will later form a development culture in this country,” he says.

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