Kovu Challenge: A Kenyan Edition Of The ‘Fvck You Challenge’

Kenyans often take to social media challenges like fish do to water, our charismatic personalities and readiness to jump into a new challenge are often unmatched. So in true Kenyan fashion, when the Kovu challenge was brought to the fold by one half of Wakadinali, Scar, the participation videos have been streaming in fast and has slowly and steadily taken over the socials. But before we get into the challenge, let us take a look into Scars’ journey over the year.

Scar started the year strong after being recruited for Wangechis’ hit track ‘Sana Sana’. His lyrical capability and mastery of his craft was lay bare for everyone to see, endearing him to the greater Kenyan masses. He went on to strike while the iron was hot when they released the video for ‘Mangana Manangos’ off their ‘Ndani ya cockpit 2‘ mixtape. Despite the fact that the song was released last year, the video acted as a promotional effort by the duo and it worked masterfully, yet again showing Scar’s intent to not let his foot off other hip hop acts’ necks. His cadence and in pocket flow whilst still maintaining the mainstream appeal, all without dumbing it down, showed how truly talented the MC was and that he could no longer be ignored.

Coming off the ‘Mangana Manangos’ high, his solo effort ‘Kovu’ completed the trifecta. His experience and self-awareness clearly showed here, as he went on to completely body the song and in a genius promotional masterstroke, asked his peers to participate in the Kovu challenge by posting their versions of the song. It takes a certain level of respect and adoration among creatives to make them recreate your work and this was seen when throngs of artists came forth to participate in the challenge creating buzz for the song. Various artists participated and with them came different styles among them Wakuu with the signature Kibera flow and Swaleh with Luo rap, a style fast gaining popularity on the Kenyan hip hop scene. The most significant co-sign however came from the OG, Khaligraph Jones as he put his spin on the now hit track with his creative wordplay as he touches on various matters currently happening on the music scene. While the challenge has now picked up even more pace and seems to be on an upward trajectory, one thing is clear, Scar did not come to play and 2019 is his for the taking.


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