Male Sandals Are Changing The Fashion Game

Sandals have always been associated with hippies, bums and dads with zero fashion sense. There has however been a paradigm shift in the recent past and sandals are fast gaining reputation as a staple for the metrosexual man. Whilst the sandal game lacks monopolization by a particular brand, this shouldn’t be the case for too long at least if Birkenstocks having anything to say about it. This brand of sandals has been hard at work producing various types of sandals precisely tailored down to the consumers’ exact needs. Their sandals vary from the waterproof slide sandal to their two-tone sandal. Since we are already feeling nostalgic about the sunny season just ushered out, here are some of the best ways to pair Birkenstock sandals for the next time you find yourself in a sunny destination.

Sandals with trousers

This is usually reserved for a smart casual look on a not so sunny day. Wearing sandals and trousers is an ideal alternative to the short-sandals combination. This is steadily becoming a popular look among men, pushing sandals out of that ‘strictly beach wear realm’.

For tailored trousers, leather Birkenstocks are highly recommended for that formal vibe. This also allows one to experiment with colour when selecting a statement blazer, which should be in summer-appropriate hue. A perfect example would be cotton chinos over suit trousers to pair with a smarter pair of two strap leather sandals in a neutral shade.

When pairing sandals with trousers, it is also possible to go for a monochromatic look. This is a surefire way of maintaining a casual sense of style if you’re afraid of loud summer colours. A perfect monochromatic look would be a basic crewneck t-shirt with black jeans and similarly black sandals for an on-the-go city dweller look.

Sandals with shorts

Sandals are to shorts what Batman is to Robin, put together, these two pieces of apparel complement each other in a way only they can. One should vary the length of their shorts depending on the look they are going for. If the goal is smart casual, chinos just below the knee, a pair of denim cut-offs frayed at the hem are your best bet. With that in mind, your sandal of choice should coordinate with the style of short you’re wearing. The chino look mentioned above would work best with slightly elevated leather sandals rather than the flip flops.

As this style of dressing continues to evolve, what remains consistent is its dedication to style and comfort making it a wave that’s pretty easy to jump onto.



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