A Suave Man’s 3 Styling Tips for Club Wear

Y’all know how it goes, stunningly beautiful women in short, tight dresses, your favourite song blasting through the air, drinks flowing, your boys cheering you on from across the bar as that pretty lass showers you with attention. You’re at the club. And part of the reason things are flowing so smoothly is because you dressed the part. Let’s face it, a strong fashion game is a requirement for a night out nowadays. Some elite nightclubs won’t even let you in the door if you’re not dressed well. Now, we all know that women always bring their A-game whenever they step out at night. Most men in Kenya on the other hand, have a long way to go. And this right here is the first step in that long way. So without further ado, a style guide to club wear for the suave Kenyan man.

The Leather jacket-denim look

Leather jackets are a very cool item of clothing to have. They are extremely versatile and can be worn on numerous different types of occasions. The reason they work so well in the club is because the club lights tend to bounce off their shimmery nature just right. They are also fairly warm and insulating for those cold night-time temperatures. Although as we all know, if you’re feeling cold at the club, then chances are you are probably not having as much fun as you’re supposed to be. Either way, a leather jacket-jeans look is one that almost always never fails at the club. The one below is by Musika Frere but you can get a high-quality authentic leather jacket in Kenya from high-end boutiques within malls.

The Statement Blazer Look

My favourite type of look. What I love about statement blazers is the impact they can have on everyone immediately they see you strut in. I’ve actually had a woman come up to me and start up a conversation by complimenting me on my jacket. Statement jackets can also showcase your personality and portray you as a man of impeccable taste. My go-to store for statement jackets for men in Kenya, and the one I’ve included below is King Sidney. They’re pretty high end. But if you can splurge once or twice, the reaction you receive from onlookers when you rock it is totally worth it. This type of thing is harder to get in shopping malls within Kenya, but if you travel often you’re bound to come across a few nice ones abroad.


The Fancy Button down look

If you’re not a jacket type of guy, a fancy button-down shirt will usually do the trick. As long as it’s paired up nicely with proper colour coordinated pants and shoes. You can then wear a t-shirt underneath to keep you warm, or a light jacket on top that will still keep you shining (men don’t freeze and shine bro). With fancy button-down shirts, no particular store jumps out at me. Plus I’m more of a jacket guy. I like to keep my shirts crisp and white so that they help my jacket shine. That being said, they are literally everywhere. Most menswear stores in malls will stock some nice button down shirts. And not just malls, even shops within the Nairobi CBD.

Image from Farfetch

And there you have it. Three different ways to look your best at the club. Let this serve as a simple foundational starting point as you continue to work on your fashion game and take it to stratospheric levels. Whatever you’re style or preference though, when in the club, always remember to try to have fun. Your clothes are just the start, your personality is what truly counts in the end.

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