The Unstoppable Anah Ambuchi is No Booty Scratcher, Periodt!

At only 12 years, Anah Ambuchi received the inaugural Rising Star award at Cannes Film Festival this year. This was for her debut directional film, ‘Made in His Image’. The movie has just scored her another win.

The young Kenyan actress based in America was at The African Film Festival (TAFF) in Dallas where she won the Best Young Talent. This is one of the most revered film festivals in the industry which celebrates African talent.

Anah took to Instagram writing, “This award means so much to me because I was bullied for being Kenyan and I wanted to showcase the issues Africans continue to have with the words African Booty Scratcher! Africans are SO much more then what the media shows and we are AWESOME! The one thing that we are not is Booty Scratcher!”

The African Film Festival held its fourth edition and it states its mission is to, “Celebrate African culture through motion pictures; to address social, economic, ethnic, political, religious, and health issues that affect the continent; and to provide an equal platform for Independent African filmmakers to showcase and distribute their work on a global scale.”

Anah Ambuchi has been featured on various television shows in the United States and she has managed to network with some bigwigs in the industry. We’re wishing her more wins as she keeps on flying our flag high.

Watch the trailer to her movie here:

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