This is What You Were Searching for on Google in June

It’s a new month but since Google decides to hold on to the past, they have our search history. You thought you got rid of it huh? Well, not really. Google recently revealed Kenya’s top trending searches for the month of June just like they did for the month of February.

It’s no surprise that the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) is one of the most searched for keyword. The ongoing tournament started on June 21st and will come to an end on July 18th. Kenya’s Harambee Stars team was unfortunately defeated by Senegal which means our team will not proceed up to the finals. Silver lining? We beat Tanzania.

Kenyans also seemed to have an interest in the FIFA Women’s World Cup as it topped Google searches for June. The tournament which started on June 7th will come to a close on July 7th. Clearly, football is our thing!

In matters news, the shocking Malik Heights fire was another top Google search in June. A CCTV footage showed the alleged suspect pouring fuel and lighting the place ablaze. The suspect is said to be a former employee. Scary, right?

The lifestyle section had queries about Father’s Day which Kenyans and others around the world celebrated on June 16th. The late renowned Kenyan author Dr. Margaret Ogola got a Google Doodle on what would have been her 60th birthday and Kenyans were also keenly interested in finding out more about her life and achievements. People were also curious about the new currency rollout. Do you like the design by the way?

Governor Mike Sonko’s disrespect towards Parliamentarian Esther Passaris in a video which went viral and later turned into online drama also led to high Google June searches in Kenya. The Ebola scare also topped queries in June.

The how-to section was filled with queries on filing taxes (KRA deadlines and all huh?), how to repay Tala loan, how to apply for census jobs, how to check for CRB listing status, how to kiss (it’s a cold month) and how to pay for KPLC tokens. It seems celebrities weren’t our cup of tea in June.

Currently, Kenyans are searching for Bob Collymore, Safaricom’s deceased CEO, who lost his life to leukaemia.

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