4 Awesome Kenyan Items I Dig

Today I want to highlight some awesome Kenyan products I’ve come across in the recent past. This is purely about craftsmanship and the beauty of the product. Products that made me go “wow” as soon as I laid my eyes on them. This post will, therefore, be written from a purely visual, product-beauty perspective. This will not be a buy Kenya, build Kenya article.

Actually, while the featured brands are made in Kenya, as far as I know, the materials they used are not sourced locally due to the limitations of the local market. I’m not endorsing any particular brand. I’m simply listing the brands that blew me away with the beauty of a specific product. All I’d like us to do is revel in the beauty of Kenyan craftsmanship, together.

Two caveats. I’m 38 years old. So the stuff you’ll see here will lean towards stuff that an older gentleman like me might appreciate. Also, this list is limited to men’s gear. I’m certain there are some wonderful dresses out there, but I’m a man, I don’t wear dresses so I wouldn’t know what constitutes a nice or not so nice dress. My policy with dresses has always been – the shorter, the better. But I digress. Here are some awesome Kenyan products I’ve come
across so far.

Seriously, just look at that jacket. Do I really need to say anything more? I really in love with King Sidney’s bold, cocksure style, and that jacket is an encapsulation of that style.


I’ve never been a fan of sunglasses, but I could see myself rocking Kobe Afrika’s stuff. They have very clean lines and colours.


As you may be beginning to tell, I tend to be a fan of animal textures when executed properly, and this laptop bag by JokaJok hits all my right spots. I like that it can easily be used in both a corporate as well as casual setting.

How the hell did a cake end up on a grown man’s list of cool stuff you ask? Well I got married about a year and a half ago, and that entire process helped me appreciate wedding cakes a bit more, and this one by Cake Couture, in my opinion, takes the cake, pun intended.

This compilation is by no means exhaustive. Comment below with any awesome Kenyan products you’ve come across and I will consider them for part 2.

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