Julie Brenda’s Time Machine

‘Time Machine’ is a love song that evokes a feeling of nostalgia to a lost love with hopes of rekindling what used to be. 

Co-written by Luke (also a songwriter), the song was built around his guitar with a vision leaning towards creating a very natural sound heard with the ocean waves interpolated with wide panning drums with an extra sauce on the hook just to show the listener that nostalgia sometimes makes the mind race.

“If only we had a time machine! Most of us would definitely go back in time, start all over again and probably do things right when it comes to our love life,” says Julie Brenda. 

The song was recently released and is already available on music stores. The 3-minute song is smooth, bringing out her mellow voice. The guitar can be heard, ensuring a sort of elegance to the song. The message on going back in time is quite clear, tugging at heartstrings and drawing on nostalgia especially for lovers. 
The pace of the jam is also alright and it’s the kind of song you want to listen to on a breezy afternoon, sipping wine, reading a book and reminiscing on the good old times.
Julie Brenda is a female artist from Nairobi, Kenya under the Record Label, Mad Royals Entertainment. Her music is an invitation into her thoughts, a snapshot of how she feels at that moment. Being the baby of the Label, she gets to experiment more than the rest because like her fans; she’s also rediscovering herself as a young person and enjoying herself along the way. She prides herself as a songwriter and amazing vocalist and her music have themes ranging from storytelling, youth, love, self-awareness, motivation, feminism and many other forms of activism.

Gathering a modest but loyal fan base, Julie Brenda debuted into the music industry in 2018, after doing a series of covers. Her debut single “Time Machine” officially sets her off in the industry as her first official music release under a record label.

Watch the music video here:

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