Kenyans are Winning! 3 Make it To Forbes Africa 30 under 30

The Forbes 30 under 30 list was recently released and Kenyans had every reason to be excited. Miss Karun (musician), Kelvin Njue (producer/director) and Yaa Bonsu (fashion stylist) made the cut. According to The Sauce, this is the fifth milestone by Forbes magazine to publish the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Miss Karun is a popular name is Kenya, having been once part of music group Camp Mulla. She went on a hiatus and came back stronger than ever musically dropping jams such as ‘Roses’. Her latest single, ‘Glow Up’, was praised for its visuals and the quality of the music. The 24-year-old is inspiring youngsters to believe in themselves.

Kelvin Njue is known for his feature film ’18 Hours’ which made news locally for its excellent storyline. The producer and film director made the Forbes 30 under 30 cut considering the film became Kenya’s first to be nominated for Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Award. He is only 27 years old.

Yaa has had the privilege of meeting famous supermodel Naomi Campbell who encouraged her to believe in herself. The fashion stylist and creative director who is only 28 years old, relocated to Dubai for greater career prospects.

There are also a number of Kenyans that have been featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list who include athletes and businesspersons.

Kenyans are continually proving their worth not only locally, but getting recognized internationally as well.

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