The rush hours of Thursday 27th June 2019 saw the 2019 #FormNiGani movement launch in the Nairobi city centre led by some of Kenya’s creatives in a one of a kind style. Kenya’s first female president, currently 6 months pregnant, from 2063 arrived in Nairobi city accompanied by a team of 100 female Time Warriors, distributing the Form Ni Gani Daily newspaper from the year 2063 to the city residents.

The delegation’s entourage and gathering in the city has sparked conversations and the #FormNiGani challenge raising awareness on the critical need for future planning and the role of contraception while tasking all Kenyans to share their plan for the future.

The 2019 #FormNiGani movement has officially launched and will engage Kenyans within their local communities and on social media. Championed by a host of young creatives for change and progress, they will use the artistic expression, local activations, a host of events, exhibitions and social media to share personal stories as they amplify their voices. In addition, the team is currently conducting Think Tanks with young progressive Kenyans to identify potential scenarios Kenya faces which will inform debates and creative activations later this year.

Part of the #FormNiGani movement is the FORM NI GANI futuristic newspaper from 2063, with the main purpose being to engage Kenyans in a discussion about the future. The newspaper was produced in collaboration with students of University of Nairobi – School of Journalism and covers topics on Education, Family Planning, Technology, Climate Change and Sports, among others, is a glimpse of future Kenya, with reference to today’s planning.

You can check out the Form ni Gani newspaper here.

This movement is meant to engage Kenyans in conversations about making informed decisions about our future.  #FormNiGani will task the youth to come up with a personal vision board and share stories of where they see themselves and Kenya by in 2063 and the crucial role of family planning in it.

This follows the first edition of #FormNiGani (2018) that held a series of activities in Nairobi and Bungoma to raise awareness using music, dance, poetry, comedy and the visual arts. These included the #FormNiNgoma Bungoma concert, the #FormNiBall 7-a-side football tournament, a #FormNiGani anthem: “Formula” written by Juliani and Suzziah, and an exhibition by Boniface Mwangi which highlighted more than 60 personal stories on sex – all to create awareness and address issues on Family Planning. The first phase resulted in an engagement level of nearly 500 million.

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